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Hi I'm Adam Hartley

About Me

I'm a father of four, hoping for more. My wife is lovely inside and out. My extended family is large. My house is small, but my acre is covered with peach trees and grape vines. My view of the New Mexico mountains is good--my ancestors first saw them 150 years ago, and we have lived in the Southwest ever since. My bookshelves are groaning with science fiction and history and poetry and law and Wodehouse and Watterson and Austen. My Lord is my lifeline. My interests are in sustainable communities and space exploration and heroism and manhood. My football team is the BYU Cougars. My other football team is the Notre Dame Irish. My blog is www.jrganymede.com.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I prayed to God for guidance and I received it. it was my own personal Pentecost. It would also be true to say that once I found out God existed and knew me, it was probably inevitable that I would eventually accept Mormonism. On some level, I always felt that if God existed He certainly intended to make men into gods in full fellowship with Himself, because any lesser goal seemed unworthy of Him. More here: http://timesandseasons.org/index.php/2005/11/adam-greenwood-my-conversion/ This is the ancient Christian doctrine that the earliest Christians taught and its one of the key truths that Joseph Smith restored. We really are the children of God.

How I live my faith

I take teenage men camping on Saturdays and teach them moral principles on Sundays. I try to teach them to live virtuous, heroic, stalwart lives through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and through the fellowship of his Church. I don't want to lose a single one of them to drugs or gangs or apathy.

What is faith?

Adam Hartley
Faith is an inner conviction from the Holy Ghost. Faith is when you know what you know and no one can pressure you out of it. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Adam Hartley
In American congregations most Mormon men wear inexpensive dress clothes to church. I'm talking a white dress shirt from, say, Costco, a tie from Wal-Mart, a suit off the rack, or maybe just slacks with no jacket. Where I live you get lots of cowboy boots and bolo ties and turquoise and silver wrist guards. Women wear mostly inexpensive dresses or blouse/t-shirt and skirt combinations. Women's footwear can include sandals and (ugh) flip-flops. The clothes are modest: usually to the knee or below, not low-cut, sleeved, no mid-riffs. Mormons celebrate Christmas and Easter as religious holidays. Mormons also celebrate national holidays. My favorites are Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. We sometimes also have a holiday called Pioneer Day on July 24th, when we celebrate the Mormon pioneers who fled persecution and trekked across the American Great Plains to the Salt Lake Valley in what is now Utah. (The first group arrived on July 24th.) Mormon customs: *grace before meals * sit-down family dinners (our prophets recommend this to strengthen the family and to enjoy each other’s company) *start and end meetings with a hymn and prayer *refreshments *call each other brother and sister (since we’re “born again” as sons and daughters of Christ) *bring meals for the sick or when a baby’s born *treat Sunday a quiet, reverent day for church and family Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Adam Hartley
They will want to discuss the basic gospel: why God made us, what commandments are for, why Jesus is central to everything, and why we need to believe in Jesus Christ and be baptized. They will also want to discuss what Mormonism specifically has to offer. They will mostly talk about unique Mormon practices and doctrines, but what they will not be able to convey is the unique sweetness of Mormon life. Take it from me, though, its real. The missionaries will invite you to do things like come to church services or meet some local Mormons that will help you experience that sweetness for yourself. Show more Show less