Kenny M.: designer, artist, atlanta, internet, tech, nerd, Mormon.

Hi I'm Kenny M.

About Me

I grew up in Seattle, lived in Brazil for a couple of years as a missionary, then went to college to study creative advertising. I love art, live comedy, and making friends.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents raised me in my faith and I owe much to their gentle reminders about how to follow Christ. I found my own footing in the Gospel of Christ when I ventured to Brazil as a missionary. Two years of walking on hot, dusty roads, talking to people about religion, solidified my faith in God and Christianity. As I continue to live the principles that God teaches me, I find happiness and peace regardless of my work and social environment. I'm a Mormon because I have felt the spirit of God as I prayed about Joseph Smith being a prophet. It's a feeling of confidence, love, and knowledge, like Christ promised would come to people who followed his teachings.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God, just like Moses was, or Abraham, or Peter. It can be harder to believe he was a prophet because he was so recent, but God used prophets in the past and I know he still uses them today. I've studied, meditated, and prayed about Joseph Smith. God has answered me over and over, through a peace of heart, a peace of mind, and a sweet feeling of humble confidence, that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet. That feeling is compounded each time I read the Book of Mormon, which is Joseph's crowning legacy. He didn't write it, but he brought it to the world's knowledge because God showed him where to find it and how to translate it.

How I live my faith

I am part of the presidency of my congregation's men's organization. We all work voluntarily to help people learn more about Jesus Christ. We also use our time to serve others by helping them when they change apartments, look for jobs, or need a friendly ear. On my own, I study scriptures every day as I eat breakfast, and write down the thoughts that come to me about how I can be a better man. I often work alone at home, so I take precautions about what I view on the internet and TV because it's so easy to fall into addictive media habits. When there are no co-workers around, it can sometimes feel like nobody's around to watch what I'm doing. But I feel God's love for me and know that He has hopes and dreams for me, so I make the choice to live a chaste, wholesome life so I can be ready and willing to receive guidance from Him instead of from the world at large.