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Hi I'm Brent

About Me

There are many ways to view me - from the family perspective, from the professional perspective, from the political perspective, from the spiritual perspective, etc. Starting with my family, I am now a husband and a father within a beautiful, fun, creative, quirky family. I have learned more about love, spirituality, my strengths, and my flaws within my small family than at any other period in my life - and I expect these revelations to continue. In many ways, my wife and children have helped to heal the wounds I experienced as a child and teenager. From a professional perspective, I am a creative thinker. To show my job title would not adequately express "what I do". My job is to generate ideas, concepts, images, stories, and experiences that serve the purposes of marketing, advertising, and commerce. I love that my job requires thought, introspection and constant collaboration with others. Politically, I'm slightly left of center. However, I believe open-mindedness is the key to progress in any community, state or nation. I believe strongly in personal thought and examination in politics and shun "identity politics" or action that is driven primarily by emotion. Spiritually, I am a seeker. I constantly examine my personal testimony in Christ and love to explore the basic tenets of other religions. Personally, I have analyzed and experienced a large number of religions but I have only found deep and abiding truth and comfort in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it makes me happy. When I live my faith, I'm happy. When I leave Church each Sunday, I'm energized, uplifted and...happy! When I struggle with problems or achieve successes, I know why these events have occurred...and I'm happy. I am a Mormon because the Mormon Church provides very compelling answers to essential human questions such as "why am I here?". The doctrine of the Church provides answers and deep understanding that simply don't exist anywhere else. I am a Mormon because it gives me a chance to serve God. I serve Him in how I live. I serve Him in my local congregation. I serve Him by assisting others.

How I live my faith

For Mormons, faith is a part of our daily lives. It shapes the way we think, act and feel. More than anything, my faith has taught me to be honest, kind, and trusting. I believe I always had those attributes but before I was an active Mormon, I found excuses to shut them off from time to time. Now, I realize they are essential to my happiness - and especially essential to the happiness of those I love most. The greatest impact I can have in this life is to model good, meaningful, productive behaviors for my family. I also communicate to my Heavenly Father regularly. I partake of personal and family prayer on a daily basis. I should read scriptures as often but I must admit, I don't. While it's a fulfilling activity for me, it happens less frequently than prayer or open discussions with friends and family. I also teach each week in my local congregation. Right now, I teach Sunday School to a group of 7-8 year old boys. They're pretty rowdy but it's a blast. And, of course, I learn a ton about the gospel each time I teach. Living my faith is a challenge for me sometimes. I didn't grow up this way so it's not "second nature". Instead, I have to consciously decide to live this way. At first, it was hard and I felt constrained. Now, however, I realize this way of life has given me greater freedom and greater strengths to face the adversities of life.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life is to make us stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable. As we grow, we become a more powerful force for His will - to do good and build His Kingdom. Essentially, we learn by trial and error. We experience joy and sorrow. We make mistakes (many mistakes) but we also make good decisions. And each time we get smarter, stronger, and more righteous. In another sense, we're here to learn the difference between good and evil and to show that we can, and will, choose that which is "right". Show more Show less