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Hi I'm Kathryn :

I'm a mother. I'm a health educator. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello! I'm Kathryn and I think life is wonderful. Of course life has its ups and downs, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The hard times help me to realize how wonderful the good times are. I am happily married and recently became a mother. I love to spend time with my family, cook, exercise, visit gardens, learn, and so much more. One of my favorite things to do is go on long walks. I find that it clears my mind and helps me to be refreshed and more open to inspiration. I love nature. I adore flowers and trees, and waking up to the sweet sound of birds singing is simply beautiful. I love to be healthy and to teach others around me how to be healthier. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from the grocery store, and walk places whenever it's reasonable.

Why I am a Mormon

Both my maternal and paternal grandparents are converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They then raised their children my parents and their siblings as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both of my parents chose to remain active in the church and as such, my siblings and myself were raised as members of the church. That does not mean they forced me. I choose to be a member of the church because I know that with all my heart, might, and mind that I am a complete person and have the life that I am living because of my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I agree completely with the teachings and doctrines of the gospel. I may not understand each and every aspect of life or the deeper mysterious of the universe, but I do know that when I pray for guidance and help that God is listening to me and that He loves me. Having that personal assurance is more important to me than knowing exactly how everything works. There were times growing up that I wondered if I really believed the things that I was being taught in church. Sometimes I felt that being a Mormon wasn't cool or that the things that I believed were not stylish or modern. But the more I learned about the world around me, the more I realized how wonderful the teachings and guidelines of this church are. There is a common misconception that Mormons "can't" do certain things like drink coffee or have premarital sex. The truth is, Mormons have just as much agency as anyone else. I choose to not drink coffee and chose to remain abstinent until marriage. Being a Mormon is about choosing to do what is right and being empowered by the correct choices that I make. To finish, I suppose the short answer to the question: "Why I am a Mormon" is this: I prayed to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the most complete and true church, and I received "yes" as an answer.

How I live my faith

Throughout the week, I strive to have a spirit of peace and happiness about me. I make an effort to find "the silver lining" when difficult situations arise. Regular prayer, and study of the Bible and Book of Mormon are great comforts to me and my husband. Welcoming a baby into our family has brought a whole new meaning to life and has given me the desire to do and be better. This quote from St. Francis of Assisi describes how I live my faith very well: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” I try to live my life in such a way that people will notice that something is different about me, something good, and will want to learn more about what that "something good" is and how I live my life.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Kathryn :
"Modesty is an attitude of humility and decency in dress, grooming, language, and behavior." That quote is from a gospel reference book called "True to the Faith." The way that you dress is a reflection of your inner self and how you view yourself. When a person dresses in an inappropriate manner, such as a woman wearing very low-cut, short, or tight clothing, it draws undue attention to them and sends messages to others about the type of person that they appear to be. When people respect their bodies by dressing appropriately, it sends the message to others that they respect their bodies, which leads to how modesty and chastity are related. When people respect themselves, they are more likely to respect others and expect respect in return. Parents can teach their children to be modest in dress, language, and behavior by being modest themselves. Learning by example is one of the main ways that children learn. Parents can explain to their children the importance of self-respect and that the way that they act plays a large role in the way that others will treat them. Show more Show less