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Hi I'm Arthur Jay

I'm a Latter Day Saint

About Me

I am by nature a perfectionist, but also a realist. I have kids and wife dogs, cat, and, daughter with a horse. My hobby is the gosple. I love sports, movies James Stewart, or John Wayne in paticular,music, including classical to the chior, and the sixties underground. If I was invited to play any sport, or invited to have a discussion on sci, religion, philosophy, I would pick the latter.

Why I am a Mormon

The doctrine is without question the most complete that I have ever heard. It surpases the mortal state of being and is eternal. It asks a person to be on a journey to perfection with no limits, only limited to the level of love one has for his or her Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and demonstrated through acts of charity to his neighbor.

How I live my faith

Active member who lives the sabbath as close as the family will allow. Meaning children have energy, and we stop at 6 PM and watch tv as a family. I am a member in good standing but my temple activty needs improvement. I know this I am not a part of the gosple, the gosple is a big part of me

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven't we always had the Bible?

Arthur Jay
Biblically there are prophecies that are pointed towards an apostacy to truth. Jesus Christ made a covenant with Peter that Peter would be the rock in which the church would be established, it had 12 apostles. This organization dates back at least to Moses when men were called to lead the tribes of Israel. Aaron and his two sons were called to the head of the Church, or Temple, and then 1 person from each tribe was chosen and so forth. So as we see the church has always been the same. One critical point is, Gods church and beliefs cannot be forced upon anyone, and that was the laws of the countries that were established after the apostles were gone. And then comes the United States which established a written law, that a person could be free to worship by his own free will. Then 30 years latter Joseph Smith was given the tools to restore the church to its former order. There is a statement from the Master which He told the high priest after throwing the money changers out of the temple. I am taking the kingdom of God away from you and giving it to a nation bringing up the fruits thereof. Back to Peter the covenant was with him and as with the same covenants that were made with Abraham and the other prophets, it was based on the righteousness of the people and the continude order in the organization established by God. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Arthur Jay
First one has to believe in our pre existence, to fully understand and appreciate the grace by which we are saved. In our premortal life, we accepted Jesus Christ to have dominion over us, and He in turn would take upon Him our sins, and our trials in life. When He was given dominion over us by the Father, He took upon Himself the responsibillity to create the earth in which we live. Our existence on earth will bring the knowledge of good and evil, and therefore, give us the freedom to choose this day who will we serve. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Arthur Jay
The people at the time of Jesus Christ had the same attitude as many have today. The high priest said to the Master Abraham is dead and so are the prophets. The question is if you lived in the times of the former prophets of old paticulary in time just before Jesus Christ, would you have accepted them as prophets even though it was very unpopular and sometimes life threatning. The reason people do not want a prophet such as Joseph Smith on the earth is. He brought people to a knowledge by his teachings of how far apart we are when it comes to our own preparation for the here after. He as did Jesus and the prophets of old condemned the authority of the established religions of there day. If you think about it, people who resent the idea of authority of God are paralell to that one third who were cast out. A prophet is Gods authority here on the earth, and people in general, even members do not like that burden upon there heads. I for one am not perfect but I know this, I love the law, and therefore, I love the law giver. A prophet is not here to show his power through miracles, he is to show his power through the truths that are timeless, and those are represented by the Master. In His sermons to those who He taught while here on the earth, was examples of being perfect. The sermon on the mount is one example.  Show more Show less