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Hi I'm Jerry

I grew up south of Seattle, Washington. I’m trying to be a good father. I’m a Mormon.

About Me

My wonderful wife and I are parents of a very inquisitive and energetic toddler who always keeps us on our toes. I have been a retail bookseller or a book store manager for over fifteen years. My hobbies are books, technology, and most recently learning the art of configuring toy train tracks with my son.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were Mormons when I became the youngest of four children in their family. My father had joined the church during his bachelor years in Canada. My mother’s parents joined the church when she was a young child in California. I was baptized when I was eight years old. From this you might think that I’m a Mormon because my parents were, and my grandparents were. However, this assumption would be wrong. I’m a member of the church for two reasons. First, I believe in God and desire nothing more than to have a personal relationship with Him. Second, I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and want to pattern my life after His. The church is a tool God has given me to work towards and come closer to reaching these two goals in my life, to love God with all my heart, and to follow His Son in all I do. You see, regardless of one’s religious path choice one's relationship with God matters most. I have come to realize that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the “Mormons”, helps me on my life’s mission back to God. The church and its teachings are a spiritual anchor in my life.

How I live my faith

The greatest opportunities I have to live my faith are in those private moments when it is just me before the Lord alone, in scripture study, in prayer, in meditation, wherever I am.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Knowing, loving, and drawing closer to God are the most important goals of our lives. This is at the center of all religious belief everywhere in the world. It is what billions of people who have lived on the earth have prayed, chanted, sung, whispered, thought, and hoped for. God wants us to know Him. After all, He is our Father. He is our creator. We begin to come to know Him first through lessons from those who have known Him. These lessons are recorded in holy writings, or scripture like the Bible. Study these writings. Learn from these teachers, or prophets. God has inspired select people throughout all time to stand up as His witnesses to the world. Be willing to listen. Be willing to hear. Even today God continues to select and inspire people who humbly serve Him, and who have no ulterior motive but to serve Him and help their fellow humans. Second, God will reach out to you, in fact He desires this even more than we desire Him. As you seek Him, as you progress on your own spiritual journey, be aware of what you feel. God will touch your soul with love and peace. He is our Father, and as any parent would He will guide you if you ask Him. Third, act. Pray to Him, sing to Him, reach out to Him and He will be there. When you learn of Him through study, meditation, and prayer, He will reassure you in your life. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Across the world throughout all time God has chosen individuals who stand as witnesses of Him. It did not matter to God what continent, nation, or culture they were. God wanted and still wants to reach out to all of His children. He wanted to reach out and teach and guide His children how to return to Him. In ancient holy writings, or scripture, these witnesses are often called prophets. They can be thought of as ambassadors. When a head of state chooses an ambassador to travel to a far away land the ambassador carries with him all of the authority to act for and on behalf of the head of state. The ambassador is accepted in the foreign nation the same as if the head of state had himself come. The ambassador is not the head of state, but is an authorized representative of the head of state. So it is when God has chosen these prophets, or witnesses, throughout all time. Joseph Smith was a prophet selected by God to stand as a witness of God for the world. He was only a young teenager in 1830, not educated in grand universities, not schooled in the ways of the world. He, like all of us, was confused about all the different sects or religions which professed to be the one true way to God. Joseph read in his family Bible James 1:5 that if a person needed wisdom he should ask God, who would give it to him. Joseph went into a small wooded area near his family’s New York farm he knelt on the ground and began to pray to God to ask Him which of all the churches in the area Joseph should join. As he prayed an amazing, and miraculous event occurred. God, the Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, visited Joseph in person. Yes, this young boy actually saw and spoke with God and Christ. Through this nearly unbelievable event and through other spiritual experiences and heavenly visitations Joseph was chosen to be a witness of God for these modern times. This is why Mormons revere Joseph. We look upon him as a humble ambassador of God, a devoted witness of Christ. He was a prophet of the Eternal God. Show more Show less