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Hi I'm Dave,

I grew up in Warrington, England; I was in the British Army; I'm a Dental Hygienist; a Family Man and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi I'm a Dental Hygienist at two Dental Practices and also a Will consultant. I love being able to help people improve their oral health. Speaking with people is something I love to do, and when I go into peoples homes to take their Will instructions it's great to know I am helping them sort out their affairs, by getting their Wills written. My Hobbies include playing the acoustic guitar and watching sport especially football, and films. I am presently watching the 7 series drama West Wing. I have been married for 29 years, have 4 children and 9 grandchildren whom I love with all my heart. My grandchildren and so much fun and bring me so much joy. As well as living in England I have lived in Hong Kong, Germany and Northern Ireland For my 50th year I ran a 26 mile marathon for the first time, and then the year after did the 3 peak challenge Ben Nevis, Scarfel Pike and Snowden in 24 hours. For both these events it was great to raise money for 2 hospices.

Why I am a Mormon

Some of the beliefs I was feeling that did not sit right in the Baptist Church was about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The teaching from the Church Missionaries, shared scriptures to show that they were 3 distinct and separate beings not one being and that I was created in the image of them. This made complete sense that God my Heavenly Father has a Son in His image, just like I can have a son in my image. They told the story about a boy who was 14 called Joseph Smith, who prayed to know which of all the Churches was the right one, as he was sure there should only be one Church on the earth... Then while he was praying, a shaft of light came from the heavens, and there right in front of Joseph in a vision were Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Jesus told him to join non of the Churches, but that through Joesph, Jesus Christ's Church would be restored once again on the earth, in the same form as it was when Jesus Christ was on the earth previously. When the Missionaries told me this I knew it was true, that Joseph Smith did see what he said he saw. Evidence of Joseph's call is the Book of Mormon. At first I wasn't sure about this book, I knew that the Bible was the word of God even though I had never thought to question it.. I knelt one day and opened my Bible, and it fell open to talk about the High Priest Melchizedek in Hebrews... as I read this I understood that the Priesthood which the Missionaries spoke of was this Melchizedek Priesthood and that it had been restored to the earth again, just like in the other dispensations of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses etc.. I knew that these prophets of old had all testified that Jesus Christ would be the son of God to the people of their day. I knew then that Prophets had spoken in the west and their words are in the Book of Mormon. The missionaries spoke of Temples and the importance of Families being sealed for time and all eternity, not just til death do ye part. In April 1985 I was sealed to my wife in London.

How I live my faith

My faith is very important to me. I was brought up as a child attending the local Church of England.. and at the age of 12 went through a confirmation service. I don't remember much about the lessons, but I felt good that I was progressing spiritually in my life. Like a lot of us, I went through periods when I didn't go to Church, but at the age of 14 or 15 I started back in an Independent Methodist Church. I loved the fact they didn't have a paid leader.. all were volunteers. I played the guitar for a youth fellowship group and I enjoyed the singing and the enthusiastic leaders. I left home at age 22 to join the Army, and after a while went to a local baptist church. This was ok but I began to question some of the things that were being taught, which didn't sit well with what my heart and mind were thinking. It was then I met up with a friend of my now wife's, and she was a Mormon. Now I'm sorry to say that all I had heard about Mormons from my previous Churches and that was all negative. On speaking with this friend, she then introduced me to my now wife, and we talked about the Mormon Faith. I realised that everything which I had begun to feel at the Baptist Church was found in the Mormon Faith.. or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was then baptised a Member of the Church in 1984. I live my faith today, with daily prayer and scripture reading. Frequently I will read scriptures with my wife. On a Monday evening's I make sure I am home and we hold a Family Home Evening. This used to be with all my Children, but they now have flown the nest, so it is often just with my wife. Sometimes we invite others round and these times are fun, and we share stories and good treats. I love to serve in the Church and my responsibilities include helping members to get to the Temple and research their Family History. I love to share my belief's with others and am interested in how and why people have gained their spiritual roots.