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Hi I'm Lance

I was born in Utah and raised in the church. That has been the single greatest blessing of my life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the father of 7 children. My work has taken me from California to Virginia with stops in Texas and Kentucky. Both my wife and I have college degrees, we have been married over 25 years. Our children are at an age where they are heading off to college on their own. Currently we live in a farmhouse on a 130 acre farm that we share with foxes, deer, rabbits, possum and an occasional snake.

Why I am a Mormon

I came from a background where my mother was a believer and my father was not. It offered a stark contrast and a choice, do I want to follow it, like my mother, or do the things my father did. He was a good, honest man but had no use for church. For many in my situation they come to a realization that they must know if the church is what it says it is, the Chuch of Jesus Christ, or put another way, that the church is true. I never really wrestled with this question, I knew early on, I felt it in the music as I heard my mother sing the hymns at church, I felt it when we read the scriptures, especially the words of the Savior in the Net Testament and the Book of Mormon. I especially felt it in the Sacrament at church on Sunday when I as a young 16 year old priest blessed and passed the bread and water, symbols of His death and of eternal life. I knew the church was true. When the time came that I finally read the Book of Mormon cover to cover for myself, I was lifted by the spirit with each page. I could hardly wait to read again at the end of the night when I would have time to read for just a little while. The words on the page so touched me, so affected me, I have never doubted since that God lives and this is His church.

How I live my faith

I have served in various capacities in the church doing many things, all have brought a new dimension and a special joy. I have taught Sunday classes to small children, worked with teenagers, served as scoutmaster, served in the leadership of a ward (a ward is a congregation the leader is a bishop who serves with counselors in a bishopric). I find spiritual strength in attending church each Sunday and in reading the scriptures and having personal prayer.

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

In short it was a commandment to do so. It was for a special time and circumstance, as it was in biblical times. It was a difficult thing for church members who practiced it, and it was by faith that they did so. God had his purposes, it both tried and tested the church and strengthened her in numbers and in faith, but in the end, it was because God and commanded the church and her members were faithful to the command. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

If I can put this in my own words without offending but why wouldn't we believe in the Bible. The Bible is the word of God, it's teachings are timeless, it's honesty is sometimes bracing. What may be difficult for others outside the church to understand is why do we have other books of scripture of equal value to the Bible. To me the reason is obvious, there are so many interpretations of the Bibles sayings and doctrines as to leave all people in doubt as to what to believe. Just like adding legs to a chair adds in stability and safety adding the additional word of God in the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price adds stability in the doctrine, removes doubt and increases understanding. It takes but to read them, with an open heart and mind, asking God to reveal to you His will, for you to know they are true and together with the Bible will lead you to God. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

It is important for all good people of every faith to recognize evil for evil and work to keep it out of our homes and communities. It is important to recognize that pornography destroys and hurts all who participate, it is not a harmless diversion. It distorts a woman's self image of who she is, especially a young woman. She is not a toy or an object to be used and desired but a person of intrinsic worth and value, each different and precious in her own right. It hurts relationships and substitutes selfishness and sensual gratification for love and mutual caring and giving. We should first insure it does not enter into our homes and we should work with government and community leaders to enact and enforce laws to restrict this evil scourge as much as possible. We should all raise our voice against this evil. Show more Show less