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Hi I'm Sarah

About Me

Planning for new ideas is probably what describes me best. I love to research things out and then attempt to implement them- especially in regards to family life. Currently my life is full of motherhood which means my children follow a chore chart about 3 days in 7 and I consider that a success! Freezer meals, family systems (related to managing a household), and teaching my children happens to be what 98% of my life is at the moment! I'm a former elementary school teacher, and I love implementing the things I learned in through that with my children. Some of my hobbies now and in the past include: music (I've played the harp for over 25 years and I love to sing), cooking (this used to be more of a hobby, somehow cooking every meal for a family changes the nature of hobbies!), ballroom dancing, reading (usually I find articles and read those but I also am a fan of children's literature), and interacting with others.

Why I am a Mormon

First and foremost, I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I choose to believe. At one point in my life I began to ask questions as to the truthfulness of the church. I wanted to know if God really existed or if this was much like the childhood fairy tales, a nice story but nothing really true. I wondered if the magical abilities didn't really exist, such as a Savior that could make right all the wrong in this world. I had been reading the scriptures for years and going to church but somehow I had questions. Setting aside one hour every day, I decided that I was going to take the time to really study and pray about The Book of Mormon, the existence of God, and the truthfulness of the Church. For forty-five minutes I would read and then I would take the last fifteen minutes of the hour to really pray. I would go by myself to my bedroom and kneel, praying aloud the thoughts in my mind and heart. Through that experience I came to know in a very real way of the existence of a Father in Heaven who knows and loves me. I also felt that quiet peace that helped me feel the reassurance that The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture, like the Bible, that can help us in our lives. I also had reconfirmed that the gospel found in this church is true. I am grateful to have had this experience that reconfirmed what I was taught to believe. Just as I live my faith by moments, many peaceful reconfirming moments continue to strengthen my testimony of a kind and loving Heavenly Father who through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, made the way possible for me to return to live with Him. I'm truly thankful that there is a living prophet on the earth today, apostles, and other leaders who give us direction and guidance in our lives. I am thankful that the same church with the same ordinances, authority, and structure that Jesus Christ established has been restored to the earth today. It is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

How I live my faith

Faith is lived in moments- planned and unplanned. Everyday I live my faith with personal prayer and scripture study. Going to the temple, making the Sabbath sacred, family and couple scripture study, family and couple prayer, and an evening at home each week (family home evening) are some of the planned moments. Being a wife and mother I get many unplanned moments to practice living my faith in the exercise of Christ-like virtues. The prosaics, or mundane, moments in life are where I get to really practice patience, listening, sharing hope, and showing love and concern. That happens by kissing a bumped elbow, teaching my children, doing laundry, making meals, cleaning our home, taking time to read the same story for the 9th time that day. Sometimes it happens by putting a grocery cart away, letting someone in on the freeway, looking someone in the eye and smiling. Basically I live my faith by trying to live the way Jesus Christ would have me live by being kind and loving to others on this journey of life.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

This is a growing problem both in the church and outside of the church. Pornography is a plague that is destroying relationships, particularly families. Personally I ended my engagement to be married because of pornography and the consequences of those who are involved. How do we stop the tide of evil which seems to be creeping so quickly onto our shores of happiness? The best way to stop evil is to promote good. As we fill out lives with good things and the lives of those around us we will be so busy focusing on the good and participating in those things which are uplifting that there won't be time to find the filth. There is so much in this world that is enlightening and joyful. There are wonderful books, movies, music, plays, sports, and people to learn about and learn from. I have found that when I fill my life with good there isn't time to watch the filth that is sometimes found on TV or in the movie theater. When I'm busy researching, or preparing for my next teaching opportunity I don't have time to surf the internet where I might discover some of the terrible pornographic sites. We can stop the spread of this as our voices are heard and we don't allow this to continue. We can write letters to TV stations that show less than appropriate material, we can use our purchasing power for those companies that promote things that are worthy of our praise and God's delight (as Paul admonished). We can stand for things which are good and wholesome. Women, particularly, can have an influence as they learn to respect themselves and teach other women that respect is not found in the dress size, but the size of our hearts and minds. As women stand and reach out in comfort we can teach those in the world that we are not respected because of our ability to seduce, rather our respect comes in our ability to dry tears and make someone's life a little happier. Show more Show less