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Hi I'm Lyle Allen

I strive to live as God would have me be, everyday.

About Me

I was born in the mid-west. I grew up in California in farming towns in the central valley. I moved to the Puget Sound with my wife 3 days after getting married. I like working with my hands creating things, scavenging from broken or discarded things to make new or make something else. I spent 3 years as an EMT for a football league and I have 8 years in the medical field but have been doing other things for the last couple years. For now, I work to learn from God what he'd have of me to make ends meet for my family of 7. I'm Happy. I'm progressively dyslexic. I love to hike and to create. I love my wife and children. I love this life and I'm Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I realized one day that there were very few things in my life that gave me lasting or any happiness. Very early one morning I packed all my clothes and the necessary things from my apartment, into my car, without waking anyone and headed to work; content to pay my rent and my portion of all that I had committed to when I moved in until the lease was up in 8 months. I worked a double shift that day at the hospital. When my shift was over I decided I would just go to my mom’s house and stay there, it was too late to call so I just went. On my way out of the hospital I had a spiritual awakening. As I walked thought the empty parking garage the shadows around me appeared as the companions of my life. Terrified I looked through my car to see dark shapes of people sitting in the seats and cold shadowy hands grasping at me and all that I owned. I got into the drivers seat and drove home surrounded in darkness whose silhouettes appeared content and seemed to laugh as I looked on them. I rounded the last country block to my mother's house, I saw, as it were in my minds-eye, that angels with flaming swords were gathered on either side of the road and in that very moment the entire dream left me. I pulled into the gravel driveway in silence and remembered that my mother taught me what was right and wrong. My mother, I believe, if anyone could achieve sainthood in life other than that of those of old, it was her. Her life was not easy. But there was nothing that she chose to do that she regretted as I had at that very moment. Right then I chose to learn to be like her, to live in a way that I would have no regrets for my actions, to emulate as closely as it is possible the example of Jesus Christ, the same she had chosen. I committed to fast and pray with all my whole being to know how to recognize the voice and prompting of the Holy Ghost that I might, one, hear and recognize Him, and two, to know through the Holy Ghost, that God the Father Lives and that He still wants me.

How I live my faith

I think about the life of Jesus Christ. I think of my life and what I could do or change to be like Him. I spend time each day meditating on Him. When in my life I have not made time to do this the challenges of my day become harder to overcome and some seem impossible. I know that my Father in Heaven lives just as I know my wife and children live. I pray to Him with all my heart giving thanks for all that I have. I once had nothing and I am truly grateful for the breath that fills my lungs, the seconds that make my day whole, and the life that my Savior Jesus Christ gave that I might one day return to live with my Heavenly Father. I remember each day that God loves me. I do all that I can to be forgiven of my sins when I recognize I have done wrong. I think about the attributes of God, I study them and I try to emulate them: charity, humility, long-suffering and so many others. I try and do fun things with my kids.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Lyle Allen
On the Sabbath, We gather for what is called a Sacrament meeting. Everyone is welcome to come to this meeting, it's always full of families adults and kids alike. We sing hymns and offer prayers. Typically there are three speakers the Bishop or one of his councilors directs the meeting. During the meeting bread is broken and blessed and water is blessed as the Savior directed that we do before His Death we call this the sacrament. I love seeing friends on the Sabbath and meeting new people. People typically dress modestly, men in nice dress shirts and slacks and women in dresses. the meeting lasts about 70 mins. then there is two classes afterward. Primary for kids under 12 and different Sunday school classes for youth 12-17 and a couple different classes for adults. In total it takes about 3 hours of the day. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Lyle Allen
It's interesting to me that someone would say that the entire universe and all creations therein were done by a cosmic accident. I know that a babies first breath would poison him, his lungs infected by the noxious bacteria from the air, if the blood vessels took the chemicals to the wrong place once instantaneous brain death would occur, but our bodies were intricately created with instructions in each and every molecule cell and atom, with commands to tell it to do each important and necessary thing. How does a brain conceive of creation or desire creation or propagation if this life were all chaos? How does a baby know to suckle or to nurse to sustain it's life? How does it know to breath when it's lungs had been empty since their conception? Why does the sun rise, why do birds sing? Why do we love? Why do we laugh? Because all things emulate that wonderful God that commanded, directed, and gave authority to long before their creation in this mortal life. Show more Show less