Kevin : Mormon.

Hi I'm Kevin

About Me

I am a small business owner in the health and fitness industry. I love being outside doing various activities from running to hiking. I am currently training to reach a personal goal of mine to run in the Boston Marathon.

Why I am a Mormon

There is definitely more than just one reason for why I’m Mormon. However, if I were to try and sum up the main reason for my faith is because of the pure and simple doctrines of the Gospel and the way I feel when I follow its teachings. When I read the scriptures, I see a distinct parallel between the organization that Christ established when He was on the earth and the organization of the Mormon Church today. This is a witness to me that the original church that Christ established is still on the earth today and that the Savior continues to lead and guide it just as He did in ancient times.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

As one who has had plenty of experience making wrong choices in my life, I know that when I do make good choices, I am happier. Period. Can this be coincidence? No way. We are all an accumulation of the many choices we make on a daily basis. I don’t know anyone who can’t honestly admit that they are not happier when they do what they know is right. The problem is sometimes we confuse “happiness” with “easiness”. Doing the right thing can be difficult at times, but I know from my own personal experience that when I do what’s right, God gives me the momentum to make more good decisions. However, the same hold true when I do what I know to be wrong. Luckily, I know that God wants me to be happy in this life and will help me to make right choices as long as I seek for and follow His guidance.

How I live my faith

This is a tough question for me to answer. I think my wife probably knows this answer better than I do, but I try everyday to live what I believe. I’m currently a teacher in my local congregation, which basically means I need to be more a doer, not just a talker of Gospel Principles. Although living the teachings of Jesus Christ can be very challenging sometimes, I know this for sure... I’m the happiest when I do.