What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Myriam

About Me

Well, I was born in New York, my parents are Haitians and I was raised in Puerto Rico. Good luck deciding where I'm from, I'm still working on it :-) I am a full time student and I also work part time. I guess because of my culture, I love to dance, to sing and everything related to music. I am firm believer that we are not only here on earth to learn and to develop but we are also here to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to be happy.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was only 5 years old and live in Haiti, my mother met missionaries and joined the church. At the age of 17, I realized I could no longer go to church simply because my mom was a member. I had already read the Book of Mormon several times and I knew a lot about the church. I felt that there was nothing new I could learn to help me know that this was the right church for me. Well, at least that is what I thought. I then decided to read the Book of Mormon again, this time it would not be for a class or for church or family meetings but because I wanted to know the truth. I started to read it and it felt like each page was new and it was something I had not read before. It was different. The pages made sense and I felt closer to God. I decided to pray and ask God if it was true, I can't really explain how I felt but I just knew that it was true. I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that God loves His children. He cares so much that He has again called a prophet to lead us and has done so many other things to make sure that we know how to be happy. That is why I am a Mormon, because this church is true and the truth makes me happy.

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon is like being part of very large family. We do not have paid clergy so the members do all the work to keep the church going. Our Bishop who is the leader of our small congregation, will ask a member through inspiration to be responsible for something. It can be as extensive as being in charge of all the children during Sunday School or as simple as being in charge of the microphones. No assignment or calling is better than the other, they are all needed and important. I have been participating in church responsibilities since I was 15. My last calling was to be a choir director. I must say, I do not have any type of musical training. I do love music but I don't know the techniques nor the science behind it. I must admit, I was a bit intimidated...ok, I was very intimidate especially since many of those who were in my choir were professionals. They even sang in state choirs and some could play the piano and wash their hair at the same time, it was intense. At the end, I realized I had a talent for music that I would have never discovered. God knew I could do it and that is why I was given that calling. So yes, it is true, being a Mormon is a lot of work there is always something to do. However, we learn so much from it and develop talents that we would not have tried otherwise. Being a Mormon, It is not something you put on on Sundays and ignore during the week. It is not only a religion, it is a way of life.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom is basically a health code. It is a set of instructions given by God himself through the prophet Joseph Smith on how we should take care of our bodies. Most people will mention the "do not" parts of it, for example we do not drink, smoke, use drugs or anything that can be harmful to our bodies. But the Word of Wisdom is also about keeping ourselves healthy. It talks of exercising, and forming healthy eating habits. The way I see it, God created my body, so I am pretty sure He knows how I should take care of it ;-) Show more Show less