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Hi I'm Troy

About Me

Son, Husband, Father and all around pretty average guy. I work hard to provide for my family and strive to be fully engaged in "The Work". The more I can center in and around the Gospel of Jesus Christ the more I feel at home.

Why I am a Mormon

Frankly, I'm a Mormon because my parents are Mormon. But my parent's belief could only sustain me for so long. At some point, I had to know for me. I had to find my own faith. I had to use my agency (study, prayer & living) and choose what I felt to be right and what God would have me believe and do. I am very determined to do what God wants me to do and feel this is it. I'm a wide-eyed-open Mormon. If there is in fact a God in Heaven (and there is), this is His Gospel.

Personal Stories

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

My knowledge of the Plan that Heavenly Father has for all us as his children and then specifically for me is what motivates everything. Every decision, every goal, every effort is affected by the fact that I know I'm within this customized school where I am to learn to "become" who I am supposed to be. But the clincher is though this "school" can be very dangerous, the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible for me and my family to go through this experience without ultimately losing. He won. Because He won, in the end, if I do my best to trust Him, I win too. Pretty incredible deal!

How I live my faith

It's not as much about what I do but who I am and how I feel about me and those around me. My religion is intertwined among everything I do. It influences almost every decision, every action. It is clear that I'm not close to perfect (just ask my family) but my faith and belief that Christ's actions somehow made it possible for me, yes even me, to become become the person God intends me to be, is what motivates me to get up and try again. Being kind, loving and selfless is what I aspire to be. I simply want to do what God would have me do when He wants me to do it. Sometimes easier said than done. :)