What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Lindsay

I teach piano lessons. I love to travel, cook, craft, and blog. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love being married to my husband. We have one daughter. I stay at home, but that doesn't mean my life is boring. I love to teach piano lessons. I have played the piano since I was seven years old. I love to sing and dance and performed in some musicals in high school. My hobbies include cooking without a recipe!, crafting mainly making cards, and blogging. I recently ran my first marathon a few months ago and plan to run another one! I have been in almost all of the 50 United States. My husband is in the military so we plan to visit new places. 

Why I am a Mormon

I have been lucky enough to always have the influence of Christ's church in my life. I was baptized at age 8. When I choose to follow Christ's teachings, I am happy. When I choose to follow the trends of what's hot in Hollywood, I am not happy. I always end up feeling empty inside. Following the Mormon faith always gives me a sense of purpose and direction and great hope for my eternal destiny. Sometimes the Mormon faith can seem restrictive, but for me these are the things that make me free. I am consumer debt-free and free from addiction to tobacco, alcohol or drugs. I am able to exercise self control just as Jesus Christ did. I know that this is Christ's one true church. I know this because God's Holy Spirit has spoken to me and told me so. I know that this Holy Ghost can tell this to anyone that asks. Because I know that these things are true I will never walk away from the Mormon church. I know that Satan will try to tempt me as he has others, but I know that God loves me and won't leave me alone.

How I live my faith

I am one of the leaders of the children ages 3-11 at church. On Sundays this means for two hours I help to oversee their curriculum being taught while their parents are taught in different classes. This includes singing songs about Jesus Christ and other things we believe in and also learning the teachings of ancient prophets (found in the scriptures) and from our current prophet, Thomas S. Monson. We believe he is called of God to deliver to us the message that God would like us to know currently. I also visit with a few women once a month to keep up on how they are doing. The Mormon church was programs to keep watch out for the needs of its members and also the community. By visiting with these women I can assess any needs that they might have. These could be physical, spiritual, mental, social, economic, etc. If they have any needs I can take care of the ones that I can or else refer them to get help from other people in our congregation. This way everyone is taken care of. Lastly, I also maintain a blog about my beliefs. I want others to read its message of hope and realize that Mormons are different than the anti-Mormon literature portrays. Feel free to visit http://lettersfromlindsay.blogspot.com

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a book that was written by many authors. These authors were ancient prophets who kept records. These prophets lived on the American continents and the Book of Mormon was happening at the same time as some of the events in the Bible. These records cover many hundreds of years and talk of many cities and groups of peoples. It talks of their wars, and also of the spiritual experiences of the people. We call this the Book of Mormon, because Mormon was one of the prophets or authors and he spent several years compiling all of the records that had been kept and collected together. He picked out which things to include in The Book of Mormon. It is an abridgment. This means that there were many more of these records/ prophecies that were written, but we do not know what they say since Mormon did not include them in the Book of Mormon. We believe that God inspired Mormon to know which things to include as to be pertinent to our journey on Earth. Joseph Smith did not write the Book of Mormon, but he did translate it. He read the Egyptian characters that were on the gold plates that Moroni had abridged the Book of Mormon on, and others transcribed it to provide a written copy in English.  Show more Show less

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

The prophet today is Thomas S. Monson. He is the President of our Church. He receives revelation from God for everyone on the Earth whether they are baptized members of our church or not. Show more Show less