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Hi I'm Joseph Aloysious

I'm a Mormon. I became one at age 29.

About Me

My parents named me Joseph after my mother's father, Aloysious after a famous Roman Catholic Bishop. Most people call me Joe. It has been sometime since I was 29 but I still feel like a new member of the church. Today I'm a husband, father, and a minimum wage earner who is working on a 35 year plan to finish a 2 year college degree. My 25 yr old stepdaughter is about to finish her own bachelors degree. She is planning her wedding for the spring of 2011. My 20 yr old stepson is planning to return in December from his first 12 month tour of duty in The United States Army where he has been stationed in Iraq. My 9 yr old daughter is eagerly looking forward to the fourth grade. Both of my parents are retired and struggling with their own healthcare costs. My wife's parents have passed away. My family and I spent the last 7 yrs of his life living with my father-in-law before he passed away in 2008. My life has been fairly Middle America. Most people call me Joe. I was born, raised and still live in Northern Illinois.

Why I am a Mormon

In October of 1992 after a very stressful period at work I was ready for a vacation. Before taking a week off a coworker told me she had a book she wanted me to read. Knowing that she was a Mormon I had a very strong feeling she was talking about "The Book of Mormon." I had heard of "The Book of Mormon." In high school a friend of mine handed me a copy at lunch. I read the cover and immediate handed it back to him. I even made fun of him for doing so after he had left with some other friends. I knew very little about the Church in 1992 other than 3 of my coworkers were members. After working closely with these 3 individuals for almost a year, I was very impressed with the way each of them would very quickly repent when he or she felt a mistake had been made. By their examples I knew they were all good Christians. When I was offered this time a chance to read "The Book of Mormon", I was curious about the book. I agreed to read it. This coworker also told me this book was written in a similar manor to the Bible, by prophets that live here in the Western Hemisphere, and that it contained the principles of the gospel. I had taught Sunday school at the high school level for the Catholic Church so I felt I had a basic understanding of the principles of the gospel. When I started to read "The book of Mormon" on my vacation I decided to look for the principles of the gospel that I already knew were true. Not only did I find them in my reading of “The book of Mormon” but I found the principles of the Gospel to a much greater degree than I had expected. By midweek I finished reading "2 Nephi," the second book within "The Book of Mormon," I had a strong impression from the Holy Spirit that “The Book of Mormon” : was truly the word of God, written by his prophets that lived here on this hemisphere. and that I should continue reading it. On Saturday afternoon there was a knock on my door. My coworker asked two missionaries to stop by. Having sold insurance door to door, I knew the sting of having a door slammed in my face so I let them in. We talked for a few minutes and they asked to comeback. At this time I felt “The Book of Mormon” was true but unbeknownst to the missionaries the only reason I allowed them to comeback was because I thought they were wrong and I wanted to convert them to Catholicism. After several weeks of discussions I was invited by the missionaries to an open house the local church was holding. I decided to go but I never went to any of there regular weekly meetings. I still attended the Catholic church. Then I woke up on the last Sunday in January of 1993, I felt Heavenly Father wanted me to attend the weekly meetings at least once before becoming a member of this Church. I knew I needed to be baptized. During this time of discussing the gospel with the missionaries Sometimes I would meet with the missionaries and my 3 coworkers as well. This same Sunday afternoon I had an appointment to meet with all of them so I told them of my desire to be baptized. After a few more discussions I was baptize the following Sunday, February 7, 1993. Besides marrying my wife, this was the best decision I ever made.

How I live my faith

Over the years I have participated in different ways in my local congregation and community. I presently teach a class of 4 to 6 yr old's each week. My family and I have cleaned the local church building, painted or shingled someone's home. Installed a window air conditioner or fixed a lawn mower. I have helped others move furniture. I try to share with others what I know and lend a hand when needed. I try to help others feel Heavenly Father's love for them, change when I have made a mistake, and forgive others.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Joseph Aloysious
The purpose for life? I really did not have a answer to this question until I became a member of this Church. Now I can answer this question in only five words. A serious reflection upon them will make the truthfulness of them clear. What is the Purpose of Life? To Learn to Live Happily! The good news is Heavenly Father has given us a “Plan of Happiness” where by if we will choose to follow His plan, it will lead us to everlasting happiness and joy. . “Men are that they might have joy.” Show more Show less