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Hi I'm Jesús Rosas

I'm from Mexico, I love photography and traveling. I believe in Christ.

About Me

I'm from Mexico, I'm single and I love photography, traveling, cultures, and languages. I finished my major and now I'm working as a teacher in China as an excuse to travel. I have been to Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Guatemala, most of the west in the US and almost all the states of Mexico. I speak Spanish, English, French and some Arabic. I enjoy cooking Mexican food. I also like technology, contemporary topics, reading the news, playing basketball, chess, watching movies, and relaxing in the beach. I believe in Christ and the goodness of men regardless of their beliefs.

Why I am a Mormon

I used to go to another church, then I joined the LDS church also known as mormons; at the beginning I used to go because everyone was very kind and nice to me. It was my social life, it was a wonderful environment. I felt appreciated and accepted. I found good and honest friends. But I really didn't know much about the doctrines, I didn't study them, I just accepted them. Then little by little I start getting a desire to be closer to God. I decided to serve as a missionary and share the little I knew about him. I received an intense training before start preaching, someone asked me "what experiences have led you to believe that there is a God?" I found myself speechless, all I knew was that my parents had taught me that, but I really didn't have my own experience. So I paused, closed my eyes and I remembered what I had been taught before, that if there was lack of wisdom, we could always ask God. So I was about to ask in prayer the following... "Father, my mom taught me that thou exists, is that true?" as soon as I said the word "Father" I felt speechless again, I felt as if I were a small child, I felt a warm feeling, a strong assurance and complete joy. That was the begining of a new journey in my life. Based on other similar experiences and other ones that I label as more sacred, today, I can say that the Bible is true, so is the Book of Mormon, God has not left his children alone, God still speaks today, God knows all his creations Christ died and resurrected, He lives, He is the Savior and Reedemer.

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday. I have found many good friends, good examples to follow and several activities, but the most important is that I have found strenght and inspiration to try to do the right thing in all times and places. Besides going to church every Sunday, I like attending to religious classes during the week where I meet people with similar interests and participate in different uplifting activities. Sometimes I go to church choirs or service projects. I visit some friends at least once a month to share a message with them, see how they are doing and offer my time, skills or talents to help them out in any way I can. In the past I served as a missionary for two years leaving my family, friends, school and work to share what has made me a better and a happier person through Christ, his sacrifice, life and example.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Jesús Rosas
God is perfect in all ways. If you can think of any divine attribute, God is the perfect example of such attribute. Such long list of divine characteristics includes being just and merciful. He is the perfect example of justice and mercy. Since perfect justice means that all men and women should receive exactly what they deserve, God being just could not give more or less to them. God loves the good people, the one who praise him and follow his commandments, but he also loves the one who rejects him, the one who breaks the laws, the one who suffers. God loves the sinners too. But his perfect love and mercy cannot break the law of justice, otherwise it wouldn't fair, it would be merciful, yes, but not fair, not just. Breaking the commandments of God brings consequences, specifically being away from God, sorrow, and remorse, sooner or later, during this life or beyond. At the end, our opportunity to dwell with God and receive of his glory and life eternal would be at risk. And since there is nobody who hasn't broken the law, we all could not dwell with God because in the place where God is there is no room for sins or unclean things, unclean thoughts or unclean deeds. But since God is merciful too, He sent his Son, Jesus Christ to pay for the sins of all human kind. He did it voluntarily, he came to this earth and suffered temptations and challenges like no body else, and at the end, he finished his mission without a sin, but not just that, he paid for the pains, sufferings, consequences, and price of all the sins of human kind. The justice now is paid, Christ faced the justice for all of us. Now, our debt is not with the justice of God the Father, now we owe to Christ, because He bought us with his life and sacrifice, now He asks us to follow him and keeps His commandments. He is now our advocate before God, He intercedes for us before God, and in this way God remains just because all sins have been paid by Christ; God also remains merciful because He sent His Son and accepts the sacrifice of the Son and forgives and forgets all our past. Since we all are not perfect, we all need Christ, He paid the sins of all mankind, but even though that happen, it is not going to help much if we reject such sacrifice, He paid, but we still need to do what He asks us to do. And everytime we commit mistakes we need him the most. We need to ask forgiveness to God and the sacrifice of Christ will benefit us. Show more Show less