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Hi I'm Dustin Richard Locke

I'm an amateur philosopher, a part-time hipster, and a lacrosse junkie. And sometimes I go to college.

About Me

I am an amateur philosopher, a subpar athlete, and a part-time hipster. I judge people by their favorite band, and I can't for my life convince myself to enjoy any variety of pickles. I joined the swim team in high school just to see if I could, and I could, kind of. I'm interested in everything. HTML, fashion design, canyoneering, cooking; you name it, I've been convinced at some point in my life that I was destined to do it. If I don't know how, I try anyway, and if I still can't figure it out, I watch YouTube. I stay up late because sleep is the only time that is inarguably mine, and sometimes I'd rather use it for something else. Besides, that's the only time quiet enough to get the thoughts out of my head and into any of a number of small notebooks. I aced calculus but couldn't stand it, which made me finally see my need for creativity. That led me to advertising, an industry that I find absolutely fascinating, and I never want to leave.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe that truth exists and that we, as God's children, are entitled to know it if we work hard enough. I believe that God loves us enough to give us the means to find that truth. Those means, that evidence of truth, have been manifest throughout generations, especially through the words of God to his chosen servants, called prophets. The study of what God said to ancient prophets makes me believe that God, as he did before, will choose men here on Earth to represent Him and tell us what He wants. I believe that, if God called prophets to teach us about Him before, he will do the same in our generation. I know that He has done just that in the restoration of His Church. I know that Joseph Smith was the first of a line of prophets just like those in ancient scripture. This matters so much because finally we can find truth. Finally we can hear God's voice, just like in the scriptures, through one of His servants and know His will. It all gives us the correct path back to Him. And it's all made possible by what God's Son, Jesus Christ, did for us. He is all we need to really be happy and truly live in this life. He is the reason we can go back to live with God forever. I'm a Mormon because I believe in a God who speaks and wants us to hear Him; a God who loves us enough to provide a way out of the confusion. I am a Mormon because I have asked these things of God and pondered them in my heart and He has told me, time and time again, that this is the truth. And I can't deny that.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by being genuinely nice to people. I love friends and try to make lots of them. I dig a good conversation and try to learn from the lessons and convictions of others while sharing my own. I believe in being fearless about my beliefs but still being tolerant and respectful of others. I try to never, ever, ever judge others. That's just not my style.