Kelly.: photographer, Mormon.

Hi I'm Kelly.

About Me

I love the beach, teaching, photography, movies, daffodils, baking cookies, Disneyland, traveling, gardening, and learning new things all the time like ceramics. My husband and I were married in the temple last year and love exploring new things together. I come from a family who aren't LDS but still love God, which helped when I decided to join the church seven years ago.

Why I am a Mormon

I love how if I ever have a question, I can pray and have it answered in the Lord's time. The church is centered around families, and I love that I can be with my family forever. It's so essential that people have good morals and values, especially when times get tough, and the church teaches that to all youth and adults.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

Since things in my life are seemingly so uncertain and it's difficult to plan for the future, I worry about things like finding a job and knowing if I'm doing the right things in my life. But on a regular basis I pour everything out to God in prayer, read the scriptures, look for little ways here and there to help other people day by day, and take time for myself to relax amid the chaos that I see all the time. I feel the Spirit constantly warming my heart when I do these things and spend time with those I love.

How I live my faith

I try my best to be an example of Christ and show my love for Him by loving others in everything I do. I serve my family, my husband, in my church callings, and strive to be the kind of person I'd want to know: kind, friendly, helpful, trustworthy, loyal.