What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Keith

I am from a small town. I am a college student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am going to college to become a drafting and spanish teacher. I went to Peru for two years and love speaking spanish. I have been married to my sweetheart for a little over a year now. I love going shooting and camping. I work at a furniture store. I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family of members of the Mormon faith. For a long time I went to church meetings and did things like that because that is what my parents taught me. When I was a teenager I realized that I didn't know for myself if this was the true church or not. That is when I chose to find out for myself. I wanted to ask my Father in Heaven if it was all true. I kneeled down and began to pray and ask if it was all true. I Him asked if He had really called Joseph Smith to bring back the church that Christ established which was lost. When I did this I felt the fruits of the Holy Ghost confirm that it was all true. I felt love peace and confirmation that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. After this experience I have had many more experiences with praying to God to confirm those things taught in the church. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church that holds the authority to perform ordinances like baptism that help us become clean from our sins and follow the example of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

Being a member of this church is something very important to me. I do my best to live by what I learn every day. At home we read the scriptures each day and pray. In the church members of the congregation are given opportunities to live their faith and help others. My wife and I have two responsibilities that we work n together. We teach a sunday school class of about ten six year olds. We love that calling because we can help the children learn of how they can make right choices by following Jesus and then they can enjoy more peace and happiness in their lives. We also are leaders of a group of ten year old boys in cub scouts. This is a challenge for us but we enjoy helping these boys improve their skills and learn. I have another responsibility called home teaching. This is where another man and i go to visit different families in the church. we bring a brief message from the leaders of the church. we also see what we can do to help them out. if needed we return throughout the month to help them with things they need like yard work or giving them blessings or just to be with them when they are lonely. Another way I live my faith is by trying to share what brings me such happiness with other people. This is sometimes scary because not everybody wants to hear about what I believe. Tell other people about my church and invite them to see for themselves if it is true that brings me happiness because I know that Jesus did the same thing.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The way to know if our church or any other church is true is to ask God in prayer. In the King James version of the Bible it says "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God." I know that God answers prayers. I have received many answers, guidance and help through talking to my Father in Heaven. We may not hear a voice or have a vision but you feel something in your heart telling you that it is true. It is a feeling like you are loved, like peace, you feel warm inside. Through feelings thoughts and impressions the Holy Ghost tells you it is true. I talk to Heavenly Father like I would talk to a friend. I asked Him if this church was true. I felt in my heart that it was true. Anyone can know for themselves if this church is true. All a person would have to do is read the Book of Mormon, think about it's message and ask God in the most direct way if it is true. I did it and I know it is true. Millions of other people have done it too. If you don't do the experiment you can't know for yourself. God knows which of all the churches is His truth that he has decreed. He is the one that we must ask. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was your average boy growing up in the early 1800's. He loved to play run and was a hard worker. Joseph was raised in a family where religion was important. His father belonged to one church and his mother belonged to another. All around him were many religions. He believed in God and wanted to follow what God wanted for him. He wanted to know what church was God's Church. When he found out which church that was he wanted to become a member of that church. He read the Bible looking for answers. He learned that he should pray and ask God the Father what was right. Joseph went to a quiet place where he could be alone so he could ask in prayer which church was right. When he prayed he had a glorious vision where he saw God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. Joseph asked Them which church he should join. They told him that the authority to act in Heavenly Father's name had been lost and distorted after the death of Jesus Christ and his apostles. They told him that he would be influential in bringing the truth back to the earth in it's fullness. Joseph Smith was a Prophet of the living God (the person that God talks to) and helped to bring back the Church of Jesus Christ as it was originally. He received his authority from Peter, James and John the last people who had the authority to lead the church after the death of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God We do not worship Joseph Smith. We worship the living God and His Resurrected Son Jesus Christ. I know that these things are true. I am confident that everyone can know that it is true too if they just kneel down and talk with God through prayer and ask if Joseph was a prophet. I felt that he was in my heart through feelings of peace and love. That was the Holy Ghost telling me that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Prayer is the only way to know the truth about spiritual things because you are not talking to a person who may lie to you you are talking to God and listening to what he says is true. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Many times people are not sure about what the Mormon church really is. Sometimes people just pass on what they have heard about the church without verifying if it is true or not. There are many rumors that go around about us. Some people have said many other untrue things about the church and its members. The way to know the truth is to do some investigating for yourself. You can do this by talkig with the missionaries or other members if the church. Remember to pray and ask God to help you know what is the truth. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

Members of the church and visitors attend church meetings in specific meeting places. Geographic regions are used to determine where and when these people will attend church. A ward or branch are organized groups of members of the church who live in the same region. These people are led by volunteer members of the congregation who serve in different positions to help members from every walk of life. A branch is similar to a ward but has fewer members who attend. The normal weekly worship services occur in wards and branches.Members of the church or the full time missionaries can help anyone who wishes to join us find the right ward or branch to attend. A stake is a group of several wards and branches. A stake is led by a stake president. Every so often larger meetings are held with the entire stake called stake conference. Meetings for the entire church of Jesus Christ are held twice a year called general conference. This is when the prophet, the 12 apostles and other church leaders speak to us. Show more Show less