Darla: Mormon.

Hi I'm Darla

About Me

I am the mother of nine children - 7 boys and 2 girls. I married my best friend 18 years ago. I am a stay-at-home mom. I enjoy quilting, reading, writing, learning new things and spending time with my family! I come from ancestry that has provided depth and meaning to my life. My mother is Samoan and my father is an American-born German. Their examples of hard work and Christ-like service has directed my life's path for good.

Why I am a Mormon

The summer I was 14 my father challenged me to read the Book of Mormon. Being a very goal-driven individual, I was determined to read it and complete it before school began in the fall. What occurred was more than just a completion of a goal. From that moment forward I have been able to say that I am LDS not only because of what my parents taught me, but because of what the Holy Ghost has witnessed to my heart.

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

I am grateful for the Savior's teachings on forgiving others - because forgiving others can be hard! It can tax the soul and wound the tender heart. True forgiveness requires help far greater than what man is willing to give, and comfort that man alone cannot provide. Remember the woman who was caught in adultery? Being caught in adultery didn't mean she was brought before the Savior in her best-dressed clothing. Far from it. Perhaps her dress alone found her guilty. But Jesus - the One who could have condemned her and the One without sin - forgave her. And then sent her away. Sent her away - forgiven. With the charge to "Go, and sin no more." How grateful I am for a merciful Savior who, because of His sacrifice, requires us to forgive and allows us to be forgiven.

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

From my childhood, I was taught that prayer was a way I could express my heart to God. It was a way for me to offer up my desires and find answers to my questions. Through prayer, I have received answers in many ways. The scriptures have been the most direct way the Lord gives me the answers the comfort I need. I have also received many answers through the messages and counsels and teachings of living prophets. I also attribute many answers to prayers to good people who are a part of my life.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

We believe that once your are baptized and confirmed a member of the Church, you can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost with you as you strive to keep the Lord's commandments. The Holy Ghost has been my Comfort when I have needed peace. He has been a Warning Voice that has protected me many times from danger and peril. The Holy Ghost enlightens my mind to understanding - academically as well as spiritually. He has also provided words of wisdom - even bursts of inspirational insights - that has helped tremendously in guiding my family.

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

Daily family scripture study and daily family prayer has been a HUGE blessing in helping shield my family from unwanted influences. It does not mean that those influences have not come or won't continue to come, but it has been a solid protection because of the truth received when we apply God's word and seek to communicate with Him.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite things to do is to visit some of the women in our congregration in their homes. I am assigned to visit four women monthly and share a spiritual message. I love as we share together our joys and sorrows, our hopes and dreams, our experiences with our families and our deep feelings about God.