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Hi I'm Chad


About Me

I was born and raised in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (aka The Mormon Church.) I served a full-time mission for 2 years in the Illinois Chicago Mission (Southside.) I have been married to my best friend for 7 years. We have a awesome little boy who has brought much joy and excitement into our life. I currently work in Law Enforcement and enjoy what I do. I attend church every 2 weeks due to my work schedule. I have also been actively engaged in missionary work since returning home from my mission in the fall of 2002. I have a missionary blog (therealmormontruth.blogspot.com) this is how I continue my missionary work. Feel free to check it out and ask questions. I love sharing the Gospel and helping others. I like sports, mostly basketball. My favorite teams are The Chicago Cubs, San Francisco 49ers, and the Phoenix Suns. I also enjoy yardwork and love being with my Family and Friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. I was born to a wonderful Father and Mother who loved the Gospel and always made sure I had what I needed to have a happy life. When I was little of course I went to Church only cause my parents went and I couldn't be home by myself. As I got older into the the teens I had my rebellious stage where I would not go to church and opted to stay home. This made my parents sad but I always remember them saying, "Okay it's your choice." I remember at about 15 years old I started to seek religion more and it was always appealing to me. I always wanted to serve a full-time mission for The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. However I still had a little rebellion inside of me. Now I never did anything terrible but I was not always minding my parents counsel. I would attend church but occasionally I would "sluff" a class and hangout with friends. When I was 16 years old my older Sister decided to serve a mission at the age of 21. While she was preparing herself, my Dad had become less active in his church activity, meaning that instead of going to Church he would stay home. Right before my Sister left she attended the Temple for the first time. My Dad since he was less active and had stopped his Church activity wasn't able to go with my Sister. He had stopped paying his tithing which is one of the requirements to get a temple recommend. So as my Sister went into the Temple with my Mom and other Family and Friends. I sat out in the waiting room with my Brothers and my Dad. I remember seeing my Dads face and at how sad he was that he couldn't go inside with his daughter. After she went thru the Temple we went outside and took pictures and had a great rest of the day. Later that night I was up late still thinking about my Dad. I remember for the first time I kneeled down and really prayed to Heavenly Father for my Dad. I remember asking Heavenly Father to help my Dad get back to the Temple so he could go inside with my Mom. I remember specifically asking Heavenly Father to help my Dad pay his tithing. While all this was going on I decided that I needed to gain my own testimony of the Church and The Book of Mormon if I was going to serve a mission. I knew that I could no longer rely on my parents testimonies. I started to read The Book of Mormon and loved reading it. It seemed that when I read it the school days were better. I was a slow reader but I finished reading it. I prayed to know if it was true, but I wasn't receiving a answer. So I continued to read and started to read the Bible all the way thru. I continued to pray for my Dad. I then turned my attention to making money and obtaining a job. I got my first job at subway and I was (thee sandwich artist.) About a year had gone by I was now 17 and my Sister had been on her mission for a awhile. My Dad had started to come back to Church but not every Sunday. I remember one Sunday after church was over, I realized that I forgot to give the Bishop my tithing. I asked my Dad if he could drive me to the Bishops house so I could give him my tithing. On the way to the Bishops house it was quiet. I was looking out the window just thinking about Church and my Dad. We got to the Bishops house I looked at my Dad and told him that I would be right back. He smiled and said, "Okay." I went to the door and knocked and waited for the Bishop to answer. The Bishop came to the door and I handed him my tithing. As I told the Bishop goodbye I turned to walk off the porch. As I turned I was greeted by my Dad. I watched as my Dad pulled out a tithing envelope and gave it to the Bishop. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Not only was my Dad paying his tithing but my prayers were finally answered. My Dad and the Bishop embraced each other. I still stood there in shock and was silent. Once we got back home I went down stairs into the family room all by myself. I sat there then I started to cry realizing that Heavenly Father had answered my prayers. I kneeled down and thanked Heavenly Father. My Dad then came down stairs to get me for dinner. He could tell that I had been crying so he asked if everything was okay? I told him everything was fine and told him about my prayers being answered regarding him. My Dad hugged me and we both cried. Shortly after that my Dad was called to serve as a counselor to the Bishop. My Dad then received a Temple recommend and went back to the Temple with my Mom. After this wonderful experience I knew for certain that Heavenly Father answered prayers and that he did in fact care about us, his children. I continued to read scriptures the scriptures and to pray about them. I also started to have conversations (via e-mail ) with several different preachers of other denominations. I would ask questions regarding baptism and received several differing viewpoints. I was told by some that we needed to be baptized by sprinkling and by another I was told that we needed baptism by immersion. Another preacher even went so far as to say we didn’t need baptism at all, just a simple confession that Jesus was Lord. Some of the preachers told me that we didn’t even have to keep the commandments! I also asked several questions regarding Prophets and Apostles. I was told that there was no need for Prophets anymore. I was also told there was no more revelation. After this e-mail exchanges I started to read the Bible and read the entire book. It took awhile but I finished it. I knew that when Christ was on the earth he did in fact set his church up with Prophets and Apostles. I knew from reading the Bible that Christ taught baptism was necessary for salvation. I also knew that we did need to keep the commandments or at least strive to keep them, because we are not perfect. All these different preachers believed in the same Bible but taught some many different doctrines that were in conflict with what the Bible said. I knew that there had indeed been an apostasy from the truth. After reading the Bible I read The Book of Mormon and studied it. Reading The Book of Mormon caused my heart to burn with in me. After finishing it, I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked if The Book of Mormon was true and if it was another testament of his beloved Son Jesus Christ. As soon as I ended my prayer I knew it was True. The Holy Spirit manifested it to me that it was another testament of Jesus Christ. I also knew that Joseph Smith was a True Prophet of God. After gaining my testimony I then prepared myself to serve a full-time 2 year mission for The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. One day while watching a church video I heard the Holy Spirit’s voice tell me that I was going to serve a mission for the Church. I received my mission call in August of 2000. I was called to serve in the Illinois Chicago Mission. I was excited about the call. I called family and friends and told them of the news. I entered the MTC (Mission Training Center) in Provo, Utah in November of 2000. I loved every minute of my mission even though at times it was extremely hard. I was homesick but that soon left me as I fell in love with the city of Chicago and it’s people. I still think about my mission everyday since I returned in October of 2002. I had many wonderful and sacred experiences that strengthened my testimony more than I could imagine. I taught many people about The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will share one of (many) experiences that strengthened my testimony while serving my mission. My companion and myself were getting ready for the day and headed out to the car to begin our day teaching people about the Restoration of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. We had a map of our area and each time we worked a certain street we would highlight it so we would know that that street had been worked. Before we looked over the map we said a prayer asking for Heavenly Fathers help to find people who were honest in heart and willing to hear the message we had for them. We pled with Heavenly Father that he would guide us to these people. We then ended our prayer and began to look over the map. We picked three streets that we felt good about and returned to Heavenly Father again in prayer. We told Heavenly Father that we had picked three streets and needed his help to know which one he would have us work on. We again ended our prayer and looked over the three streets again and my companion and myself were blessed with a revelation to work (Vine St.) We headed to the street that was chosen and got out of the car and began to knock on the houses of this street. The first house we knocked on a lady by the name of Lora Rogers answered the door. She had the telephone up to her ear and had a really surprised look on her face. She said, "Can you guys come back tomorrow?" We said sure and scheduled a appointment with her and began to knock on more doors. Lora was the only nice person on that street. Everyone else swore at us and told us that we were evil and that us poor boys belonged to a cult. The next day we came back to talk with Lora. We knocked on her door and she quickly invited us inside. She told us that she had something incredible happen to her and she knew that God had sent us to her. She began to explain to us what happened. She told us that the day we knocked on her door she was putting wallpaper up in her bathroom. She said she had on the TV. and saw a commercial talking about The Book of Mormon. She told us that she felt prompted to call the number that was being advertised so she did. She continued to tell us that as she was talking on the phone ordering The Book of Mormon we knocked on the door. Lora was excited and could not believe how everything came together. She told us that she knew she needed to listen to our message. We taught Lora and at the end of the lesson she told us that this is what she had been looking for. She then desired to be baptized into The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. What a wonderful way to know that our Heavenly Father listens to our prayers. It has been 8 years since I returned home from my mission. I love sharing my faith with others and sharing my testimony. I’ve been married now for 7 years and have a awesome little boy who I hope one day will want to serve a mission. I love My Heavenly Father and I know that he lives and his very mindful of our needs. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lives and that he is indeed the Savior of the world. I’m so thankful for the Savior Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for the sacrifice that he made so I could repent of my sins and be forgiven of them. Without him I would be lost forever. My Heavenly Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ have been so kind and loving towards me despite my weaknesses and shortcomings. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know it is true. It is another testament of Jesus Christ and reinforces the Bible’s message that Jesus is the Christ. How I love reading the scriptures. I learn something new every time I open those sacred books. I know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God. I know that he did indeed see God the Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ. God be thanked for living Prophets of God on the earth today! I know that the Priesthood (the authority to act in the name of God) has been restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have been the recipient of many Priesthood blessings and have seen miracles when giving blessings to others. I know all these things because of prayer and personal revelation. I cannot deny my testimony and the things that I have experienced. The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today. It is the work of God. I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by helping others. I read the Scriptures regularly and draw a great spirit of strength from them. I teach the lessons in Church and enjoy it alot. I love spending time doing service for others and sharing the Gospel with them. I strive to keep the commandments to the best of my ability and I always try to treat people as Christ would treat them.