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Hi I'm Charles Adam

I grew up and still live in Arizona. I am a High School teacher & tennis coach.

About Me

I grew up in inner-city Phoenix, Arizona, and am proud to have a circle of friends from all different races, ethnicities, and religions. I am the youngest of six children. My mother was an elementary school teacher and my father worked for the state Child Protective Services. Though I grew up in a white household, both of my parents speak Spanish fluently, as do I. I love all sports, but I excelled most at tennis in High School and went on to play tennis in community college before transferring to a four-year college. I currently teach High School History and coach tennis in Chandler, Arizona. I am married to the girl of my dreams and we have been blessed with two wonderful little boys, ages 2 and 3 months, who are the joy of our lives. I love reading good books, especially biographies, and keeping up on current events. I also developed a love for the Grand Canyon thanks to my dad. He leads an annual group trip to hike accross the Grand Canyon, from south to north rims, in one day. This past October I completed by eight crossing of the canyon.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was raised in the church, at a very early age my parents made it clear to me that I would need to decide how important religion would be in my life for myself. I am grateful for their examples of faithfullness, and also that they provided me with opportunities to attend worship services of other faiths and encouraged me in developing friendships with those of other faiths as well. Though I have often been impressed with the words spoken by ministers of other faiths, one of the unique features of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that has always impacted me is that there is no professional clergy. Every week on Sundays regular members of the church accept opportunities to speak from the pulpit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has impacted their lives. Hearing people from all different backgrounds express their faith always made the church feel like home to me, and it motivated me to find out for myself whether or not what was being taught was true. So, just as men and women have done throughout human history, I chose to study the words of Christ as recorded in the scriptures and pray to ask God if it was true. I did not receive the visitation of an angelic messenger or hear a voice booming from the clouds, but little by little throughout my life I have felt the peaceful warmth and strength of the Holy Spirit confirming to me that Jesus in the Christ, that God is our Heavenly Father and loves all of his children, that God has given his children commandments to protect and guide us through life, and that God continues to speak to his children today through living prophets just as he spoke anciently. This knowledge has become the foundation of my life, and I cherish my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the friendships I have made in it that continue to strengthen me today.

How I live my faith

As a member of the church, I know that family comes before all else in Heavenly Father's plan. I do my best to life my faith at home with my wife and sons. Every night we read illustrated stories from the Bible and Book of Mormon as a family, say a family prayer, and sing songs together about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's Plan. Every morning I do my best to start my day with a sincere prayer and at least few minutes studying the scriptures. I find that when I start my day learning about the Savior it becomes much easier to try to walk in his footsteps, treating others with kindness and looking for opportunities to help others. In my local congregation I currently serve as the music director for children between the ages of 3 and 11. Each Sunday I spend two hours singing about Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and Eternal Families with about 70 children. As you can imagine, this responsibility can be quite challenging at times. But I consider it an incredible blessing to spend time with such pure, sweet children of God and I find my own faith strengthened by their singing voices. I also currently serve in helping with the Cub Scouting program for 10-year-old boys in my congregation. Outside of hiking, I am not a very outdoorsy person; however, having now worked with the cub scouts for over a year I have developed an appreciation for this opportunity to learn more about things like First Aid, Camping, Citizenship, and much more. Perhaps more importantly, as a father of two young boys I am grateful for the training I am getting in helping young men develop important skils that will help them be successful adults. I hope that the lessons I am learning now thorugh church service will help me become a better father in the future.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Charles Adam
Just as the Bible was written anciently by prophets and apostles chosen by God in the Eastern Hemisphere, then translated in modern times into modern languages, the Book of Mormon was written anciently by prophets and apostles chosen by God, but in the Western Hemisphere. This record was translated by Joseph Smith first into English and since into every language in which the Bible has been translated. Similar to the Bible, the purpose of the Book of Mormon is to testify that Jesus is the Christ; that the baby born of Mary in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago is literally the Son of God who was sent to earth to rescue mankind from sin and death. As a companion to the Bible, the Book of Mormon also provides evidence of God's love for all of his children. Because God, Our Heavenly Father, cares for all mankind, he calls prophets and apostles to teach in every land. Show more Show less