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Hi I'm Clark

I teach. I shoot pictures. I raise kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a husband, a father, a teacher, and a sometime photographer. I grew up in Utah, and now live in Idaho. Wallace Stegner called that area, Utah, Idaho, etc.-- the Great Basin, "Mormon Country." So I guess you could say I'm a lifetime resident of Mormon Country.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the Church. My parents lived, loved, and served in the Church throughout my childhood. I followed their example willingly enough for many years. I'm grateful for their examples of faith and kindness. As I began to be a young adult, I began to investigate more seriously the Church's truth claims for myself. My belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ as practiced in the Church began as a small particle of faith-- a desire to believe. That desire has continued unabated since my late teens years and I continue to nurture the tree of faith regularly. I believe God has spoken to me personally to tell me that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is found here. I also believe that He can and does guide me as to what He wants me to do with my life. That communicate is subtle and quiet, but unmistakable. I believe that most people can have and have had such whisperings from God, so perhaps you know what I mean. I hope you will understand that I am quite imperfect. If I am a "work in progress" then there's a lot of progress yet to be made. Nevertheless, I hope to someday claim the appellation "man of Christ." I have found Christ in being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My father used to say that a person all wrapped up in himself or herself makes a pretty small package. He also used to tell me to "turn the spiral outwards." When we focus on our own needs and ignore or avoid the needs of others -- particularly our loved ones-- we are diminished just as a inwardly turning spiral becomes smaller and smaller. When we turn our focus, energies, and attention outwards, however, our circle of love and concern become larger and larger. I have found a great deal of happiness in forgetting my own needs and doing things for others. That kind of selflessness is hard work, though. It takes practice and persistence. Happily, my Mormon faith provides examples, resources, and companionship in my efforts to serve others.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

There is plenty of internal evidence--evidence from within the book itself--that the Book of Mormon was written by more than one man and not by any modern man or men. A serious study of those evidences will demonstrate that fact to any serious seeker. Those things, however, are not the basis for my belief in the Book of Mormon. Almost since the very first time I began my own serious study of the book, I have found therein what Peter calls "the words of eternal life." I hear God speaking to me as I read and study the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon was written by men living in the American continent between 600 BC and 400 AD. These men grappled with many of the same problems that face us today-- wayward children, contention between neighbors, shortage of food, natural disasters, and the like. Seeking answers to their concerns from God, these prophets provided divine guidance for their people and for our day. They believed that God commanded them to write their sermons, letters, and other correspondence partly for our benefit. They knew that their words would be conveyed to a people in the future--you and me, today-- who would benefit from their experiences and also hear the voice of the Lord. Any sincere seeker can hear God speaking to him or her in this book. In some ways it's not so different than the Bible. In fact, the book's subtitle-- "Another Testament of Jesus Christ"-- gives a clue as to how one might read it. In other ways, the Book of Mormon is quite different than the Bible. The characters, the places, the events are all unique. One may read to gain familiarity with those elements, but the spirit of the book-- its testimony of Jesus-- can come through immediately. I encourage you, my friend, to seek the face of God in the Book of Mormon. I'm confident that you will find Him. Show more Show less