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Hi I'm Michelle

About Me

I am a young single adult, living away from home, and working as a Jr. High teacher. I love to spend time outdoors, going running, hiking camping, swimming... I am a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, teacher, and Child of God!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family, but being a Mormon was something that I chose. Many Mormons have an identifiable moment in their lives when they knew that the Mormon Church is indeed the Church of Jesus Christ. As for me, I did not have a specific moment. However, I gained a sure knowledge of the gospel through small and simple things. As a youngster my parents took me to the Mormon Church, when I was there, I could feel something special, and I always wanted to return. As a child, I would kneel and have a simple conversation with my Heavenly Father, as I did this, I could feel his love. I would read the scriptues, and I could feel the love Heavenly Father has for each one of His Children, I could feel the love the Savior has for us. I was baptized at 8 years old, and as I came out of the waters I remember feeling so happy, I just started giggling. I could feel the happiness and joy, even at 8 years old. As I continued through my teen years, I continued with the small and simple acts. Reading my scriptues, saying my prayers, and going to church, as I did these things I continued to feel peace and joy. I gained a strong testimony of many aspects of the gospel. I find it hard for me to put in words why I am a Mormon, because it is something that I feel, it is a part of me. I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He is at the head of this church, and I know that he speaks to us today through a living prophet. I know that prayer is real, that our Heavenly Father hears our heartfelt prayers, and He will answer them in His timing. I know that Heavenly Father loves His children, all of His children, all of the time. I know that He wants us to return to Him, but we have to grow here on earth and gain experiences and prove that we are worty to live in His presence. I know that Christ suffered for all of our sins, weaknesses, and pains, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. Through Christ's sacrifice we can change and be forgiven for our mistakes. I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ beause the Spirit touches my heart and gives me perfect peace even in this troubled world.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I live my faith by trying to be like Jesus and serving in His church. As a Young Single Adult I attend church with other young single adults. We partake of the sacrament and attend classes where we teach each other from the scriptures. During the week we often have activities of service, learning, and recreation. On a personal level, I live my faith by working to learn more about Our Heavenly Father, and His Son. I take time to pray every day to be able to talk with my Heavenly Father, to thank Him for the blessings I am given, to ask for forgiveness for those things I do wrong, and to ask for special help throughout the day. I also read from the scriptures to learn more about Christ. By reading the scriptures every day I can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Serving a mission in the Mormon Church is voluntary. Young men are strongly encouraged to serve when they reach the age of 19. Young women are advised to serve if they have the desire at the age of 21. I had the special opportuniy of serving as a missionary in Chile. My desire to serve a mission was driven by an overwhelming love and gratitude for my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I wanted everyone to come to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. As I served my mission I could feel the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of his children. I could feel how strongly he wanted them back in his presence. I taught the gospel daily helping to fufill the desires of our Heavenly Father, that His children return to His presence. Missionaries teach of baptism by immersion by one who has the authortiy to baptize. Baptism is an essential step to return to our loving Heavenly Father Show more Show less