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Hi I'm Zach

I grew up in Idaho. I'm a dental student, a musician, and a husband and father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

First and foremost I'm a husband and dad, and I love it! My wife and I have two little boys who are awesome. They make our home a livable place, even though they're also the ones who make it a bit messy at times. I think that our lives would be really boring without our kids and we hope to have many kids later on. I'm a dental student. A lot of people ask me, "How on earth can you stand looking at someone's mouth all day?"I can see how people would think that's gross, but you get used to pretty quickly. I chose to became a dentist because it will allow me to support my family and give me the flexibility to help others as I choose, not as a boss would choose for me. Yes, mouths are sometimes gross and I see blood and spit and have to pull teeth and give shots, but it's a great service that a lot of people need. I'm happy to give it. I'm a musician. I love to write and listen to music. My father instilled in me a great love of music and it has blessed my life with joy and with peace. It's very special to sit down with my brother and write a song about a person we know or about an experience one of us has gone through. I believe that God inspires a lot of people to make good music. After all, can you imagine a world without good music?

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know that the gospel preached by the Mormon church is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and also because I know the priesthood power of God is held within the Mormon church. Even though I was born into the church, having parents that brought me to church on Sundays and who taught me the gospel, I still had to find out for myself if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was what it says it is- THE church of Jesus Christ. I found the truth for myself when I was in high school. I studied the Book of Mormon and prayed, and the Lord taught me though the Holy Ghost that this church is in fact His church. So, I know for myself, apart from anyone else, and that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My wife and I just try to live according to Jesus' teachings. We're not perfect at it, not even close, but we still try. A few things we do together that really bring our family together are attend Sunday worship services, read the scriptures, and pray.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No. We worship God, the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. We regard Joseph Smith highly as a man of God and a prophet that was called of God. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

I looked up the word "cult" in the dictionary- a system of religious veneration or devotion directed toward a particular figure or object...and...a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. We practice a system of religion devoted toward Jesus Christ, not an object. Everything we do as Mormons is based on the Lord's teachings. We are a relatively small religion (13 million members) compared to other religions, but our beliefs and teachings aren't sinister. Again, we believe in Jesus Christ and His gospel. I think if those who think we're a cult would look into our history and beliefs they would change their opinion. Show more Show less