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Hi I'm Master

I grew up in San Diego, California. I'm a college student, an organist, a high school cross country and track coach. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My name is George. I was baptized as a Latter-day Saint on April 7, 2007. Some people call me funny, some people call me weird, and some people call me coach. I have a license plate that reads GMASTER. I drive a school bus and coach high school cross country and distance track for a living. I do them because I love working with Kids of all ages. I attend a college in Mesa, Arizona with the intention of transferring to a university to earn Bachelors’ degrees in Music with an emphasis in playing the organ and Spanish Teaching. With no music experience I have been teaching myself to play the organ for the past three to four years. I have learned over that period of time that through music I can come closer to God. As one who is single and available I strive to find the girl I will want to be with through the eternities and hope that she will enjoy my being funny, weird, and a coach. I love ping pong and serious political conversations. I also love talking about history. Fishing is also a plus too...the only problem is my game for fishing is in the big waters of San Diego. I'm in Arizona. Of everything I do at this point in my life, I take pride in serving those I know and don't know whether they be in my home teaching assignments or random people I meet in the local streets. I see myself as a future loving husband and father, an active member of this church, and a high school Spanish teacher and coach. All of my success will be attributed to the God I know. A man of love!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I learned for myself in 2007 that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church that God Himself established on the earth. This answer came to me one night as I eagerly prayed one night for an answer as to whether or not I should be baptized a Mormon. I thought about the lesson on the Plan of Salvation the missionaries gave me. I received a lot of hope in life after death. After much struggling in my prayer the thought came to me that I should get baptized. I made the decision on my own. But with the help of the most high I am able to see that God helped me to make the right decision. The Book of Mormon also was a key to my membership in the church. I always had a nice feeling reading that book with my friend’s family. It was the kind of feeling that you get when you are falling in love with someone. That warm burning feeling in your heart. Knowledge of truth is a wonderful feeling and this is the church where I found it!

How I live my faith

I do what I can to be worthy of entering church temples which includes doing everything I can to live the basic principal teachings of the church. I have a love for attending church meetings such as regular church services, conferences, briefings etc. In the congregation I attend I serve as the ward Sunday School President. I play the organ because I am confident that the Lord is using that instrument to build me. I love letting people know I am a Mormon. I definitely do a lot of praying. When it comes to learning more about Jesus Christ I consult my Book of Mormon and Bible. I have some pretty strong experiences I gain from The Book of Mormon and I am not afraid to share them. With the grace God gives to people who seek it why should I be afraid? I have so much confidence that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lords only true church, I will stand up and defend the churches position when I hear someone state a fallacy. Listening to discourses given by prophets in our day, help me to be a better person and to always be on guard to fight against the tactics of the adversary. I do what I can to serve others and do my best to give the same kind of service the Master gave to those who lived in His time. I feel that I can be an instrument in His hands helping others. If someone on the street needs money they'll get whatever I have in my car. You might say I have an in car service fund. The feeling I get after helping someone in the street is amazing. As well as going to those who call on me for assistance. When someone asks me about the church you better believe I will be talking. Countless opportunities of a lifetime spent in the service of my God to those in need.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

I believe that it is important to know who Jesus Christ is and live His teachings in order for us to know why it is that we need a Savior. In The Book of Mormon, we learn that he cast out devils, he suffered temptations, pain of body, hunger thirst, and fatigues, even more than man can suffer. He voluntairly gave up his life and was resurrected to give all the opportunity of receiving the happiness and joy He wants us to have. Because of all He has done, it is possible for us depending upon our faith to be able to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, with our families forever. With all this in mind, we know it is important to have a savior. He lifts our burdens and makes it possible to tackle through all of our obsticles, for as long as we are willing to put forth the effort. Show more Show less