What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm John Donald

Global Citizen, Entrepreneur, Family Man, & Mormon!

About Me

Even though I was born into a Mormon family, I traveled my own path to learn of its truth for myself. I was raised in a large and very close-knit Mormon family, even though we were often spread across various states, and countries. I have learned the importance of God, Faith & Family through experiencing a broad range of cultures, languages, peoples, beliefs, and personal circumstances. I found that wherever I go in the world, I have brothers and sisters in the Mormon church. We are instant family, united by the knowledge that we are truly brothers and sisters in the gospel, and all children of God. I have a firm belief that all humanity is literally part of God's family. Each of us just needs to come to that realization for ourselves to understand who we are! We are not better than anyone, nor is anyone better than us. We are all equals. The knowledge of this truth will set us free... This realization directly addresses most of the problems we struggle with in this world.

Why I am a Mormon

Spare the rod, spoil the child was the rule in my home growing-up. However, I am a very independent spirit and I would never allow anyone to tell me what to do, or force anything upon me. Therefore, I went through a period of rebellion from my parents, from the church and from authority in general. I needed to make sure I was in full control of my own life! Once I had clearly established my independence, I could approach the question about whether or not I believed in the Mormon church, or even God for that matter, on my own terms and for myself. I wasn't interested in just blindly buying into some "fairy tale" with a host of "oppressive rules" to go along with it, if that is what the Mormon church was! On the other hand, if the Mormon church was truly the restored church of Jesus Christ, with living Prophets bearing God's true power and authority, I would be willing to repent of my rebellion, and to leave behind anything which stood in the way of my spiritual peace, joy and eternal purpose. The powerful and undeniable answer I received from God is the reason why I am a Mormon today, and will remain so until the end.

How I live my faith

True faith is evidenced by fully trusting in the saving power of Jesus Christ. Only He has the power to save, and He will save us as we believe in Him and follow His example and His teachings. He can wash away our sins, and He can change our very nature, as we exercise our faith in Him! This is the liberation we ALL need, since we are all imperfect, and need to be free to leave behind the mistakes we have made, as we choose to follow the Lord, and choose the path to return home to live with Him. Following Christ means to LOVE. Love God and love our fellow-man. It is that simple! From this foundation, all other aspects of living my faith follow. I believe this begins in our peronal lives, and in our homes, then in our communities. Therefore, I seek to truly love and be faithful to my wonderful wife, and my amazing children. I seek to love and accept others in my workplace, in my community and throughout the world! I also seek to show my Love for God by obeying His commandments, and following His teachings as I learn these things from the words of Christ and Prophets of God, as recorded in the scriptures, and still taught by living Prophets today! It may sound too simplistic, but GOD IS LOVE! However we live our faith, should reflect this great and eternal truth!