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Hi I'm Christina

I'm a happily married mother of two sweet girls and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a young married mother of two girls. I grew up in the Portland, Oregon area, but currently am living in Utah as my husband finishes up his Bachelor's degree. I have loved animals all my life and I currently own two female Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I like to show them and lure course with them in my spare time. I also build websites as a hobby, when I'm not taking care of my children. I love my two little girls, they are so sweet and I enjoy teaching them and spending time with them. We go for walks together almost every day. I also love my husband, he is a fabulous guy and such a wonderful father.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up LDS, but I lived in a very liberal state. I often had friends that asked me questions about my faith and I enjoyed sharing what I knew with them. As most children do, I eventually began to question why I attended church. Was it just because of my parents? Or did I actually believe? I visited other churches with friends and read through the Book of Mormon, searching for a confirmation that this was the true church. I am so glad the Church pushes you to find your testimony for yourself. After thoughtful studying and prayer, I was given my own witness by the Holy Spirit that the church was true. Continuing into my adult years, I faltered at times in my faith, but was able to pick myself up again. By discovering what life was like without following the principles of the gospel and without the companionship of the Holy Spirit, I built a stronger testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ. My faith grows every day as I continue to do my best to follow the teachings in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and become more like Christ. I see the direct blessings very distinctly in my life as I do these things. I cannot deny the gospel, I -know- from experience that this church is true. It is black and white. When I follow the gospel, my life is truly easier and I am blessed, when I get lax and lazy or stop doing the things that I have been taught, my life becomes chaos. It is obvious to me from this and from the testimony of the Spirit that I receive at Church and when studying the Book of Mormon and when I pray for support that this Church -is- the true church. I have asked and my answer has been clear.

How I live my faith

I am very active in the church and attend every Sunday. I was called two years ago to be the Young Women's Camp Leader and I spend a lot of time each year putting together a spiritual experience for the young girls in our ward. It's a little stressful, but the Lord has blessed me and has always guided me and directed me in putting it together. Additionally, I strive to do my visiting teaching every month, visiting the three sisters I have been assigned to visit. I have built friendships with wonderful women and they have strengthened me as I see them each month. I also strive to attend the temple frequently with a goal to visit twice a month. As I have done this, I have had greater peace in my life and in my home and have been able to make changes over time in my life to bring myself into harmony with Christ's teachings. I find my ability to love is increased and that my life is happier as I do this, despite the challenges I face with two young children and a busy husband that is in school, working and has a calling as the Sunday School president. This also increases my ability to have the Spirit with me always.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

I couldn't even begin to number them. But for me some of the biggest things are these: 1) Children are born with distinct personalities. Before I had children, I didn't realize how very obvious this was. When my second child was born, I expected her to start out the same as my first, but from the first day in the hospital to now, my children have been -distinctly- different. If there was no God and no life before this one, I would expect children to be born similar and then based on the way they were raised to turn out differently personality-wise because of this. However, looking at the amazing personalities and distinct differences and the miracle of birth testify to me that there is a God and that our spirits are eternal. 2) Whenever I go camping or am outside watching a meteor shower, contemplating the beautiful night sky and the millions of galaxies and items out in infinite space make me feel small... but it also testifies to me that there is a God who organized all those things out there. There's just no way that He couldn't have. Science has interesting theories as to how these things came about, but there is just so much out there and it is all so organized and governed by laws that just have to be made by someone. 3) Miracles in my life. I can testify to you that as I have followed God's various commandments that I have seen immediate and distinct blessings follow those. And by that I mean things like keeping the sabbath day holy - something that you wouldn't think would cause your life to be any different, besides maybe suppressing what you're able to do over the weekend... well, it does cause things to happen as a result and I have been blessed physically and immediately by following that commandment and exercising faith. So many things testify of God, it is amazing to me that many people fail to see it. Our very lives testify of Him. The organization and the laws that govern physics and science testify of Him. I cannot deny Him or even question whether He exists, because it is so obvious to me. Show more Show less