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Hi I'm Vaughn Alan

About Me

Hmm. What about me? The things that most occupy my time and energy these days are running our small business, taking care of my kiddos, and spending time in the evenings with my lovely wife. We have four children that keep us very busy. Everyone around here, except for me, is some kind of artistic genius. It runs in my wife's family. Art supplies everywhere. My little ones, barely into grade school, fascinate me with an amazing ability to use color and to create detailed depictions of animal life rendered purely from memory. I don't have much time for hobbies at this point in my life, but I still play guitar from time to time. In earlier decades, I played for hours every day and wrote many songs. I love the acoustic guitar. My friend Mike and I composed music together. We were supposed to become the next Lennon & McCartney. He was Lennon, me McCartney. Some people thought we really might be. I've been out of college now for about 10 years. But the 8 years before that were full of late nights and extremely busy days getting my degrees. I earned a BA in political science then went on to earn an MBA degree and a Master of Science degree in management information systems. While I was there, I threw in just over two semesters of law school but then decided that practicing law just wasn't going to be for me. Every once in a while, I consider going back to law school -- or maybe to get a masters in history or something like that. That's yet to be seen. But it would be something I would do, if I ever have the opportunity.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 12 years old, I was sitting in the lobby of my stepfather's garage -- a commercial alternator shop in western Pennsylvania. An elderly man who lived next door frequently came by to sit and watch and talk. I was chatting with him and somehow the topic of the "last days" came up. Up to that point in my life, I had never read the Bible and knew nothing of Jesus Christ or the writings of the prophets. We called the old man Pap. Pap told me about the prophesies of the last days found in the Bible and it got me curious. So, I went home and told my mom I wanted to read the Bible. Word got around the family I guess, and an aunt invited me to have the Mormon missionaries come by to teach me. I still remember the day they were scheduled to visit with me after school. My mother worked, and so I was sort of a "latch key" kid most days of the week. I was really nervous as I rode home on the school bus, and felt even worse as I walked the blocks to our house. Approaching on foot, I could see the missionaries' car parked in front. What would this be like? Who were these people? Those were my thoughts. As it turned out, they were lovely. Two young sister missionaries were waiting for me. That very day, they began teaching me things I had never considered before. They taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ, about life, death, the resurrection, forgiveness. I have been ever after enthralled by the stories of Joseph Smith, the prophet and his witness of Jesus Christ. One peculiar thing I remember from that time period is how brilliant the pages of the Book of Mormon appeared to me. It was as if the pages radiated a light of their own. I know it wasn't literal, but I really felt like something wonderful was there, happening to me, changing me, inspiring me. My life has never been the same. It's been 30 years now. There is still nothing so important in my life as the hope and meaning that comes from my relationship with God and His Son, the Savior Jesus Christ. I love them and want to be more like them. Jesus' life was a mission to show us the personality of God. His kindness and service to everyone around him speaks by example, showing us how our Heavenly Father loves us and how He would act if He were here with us on the earth. It's an amazing thing to consider. The central act of the Savior's ministry was his atoning sacrifice. He somehow paid a price for my sins and open a path leading to true life--life in the truest and most expansive sense. I am grateful for this.

How I live my faith

The most important part of my faith is played out at home. It's often a struggle to pull everyone together for reading scriptures or family prayer. Kids can be so noisy and distracted. But that’s what it’s all about. It’s real life. And I find that they gradually get the picture as they get older. We get everyone ready for church Sunday mornings. The kids really enjoy their classes and their friends. Recently, even my littlest one has become brave enough to have fun without me in the nursery. I was recently asked to lead the lessons in our men's group on Sundays. It won't be every Sunday -- probably just once or twice per month. But I enjoy this sort of thing. Today was actually my first Sunday with this responsibility. Many of the men spoke up and participated in the discussion. It went quit well, even if I do say so myself. Years ago, I was our congregation's Sunday School President. We organized and ran 5 different Sunday school classes. Since everyone is a volunteer, it was really a pleasure to see how well everyone worked together to make every Sunday a success. For about a year, I was also a Sunday school teacher for adult church members. I taught the entire Old Testament. That was a real adventure that I remember fondly.

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

Vaughn Alan
I believe in the Bible because the Holy Spirit has born a witnessed to my heart and mind -- thousands of times -- that it is true. I read the entire Bible for the first time when I was 13 or 14 years of age. It was a real chore for me at that age, but I felt such a strong desire to know. I started with Genesis, chapter one verse one, and read all the way through the Old and New Testaments. I think Mormons love the Bible because it is the only book that chronicles the life of the Savior Jesus Christ. His apostles tell their stories in powerful and personal terms. The New Testament is the only source we have containing first-hand accounts of His life, His personality, His behavior in connection with other men and women. These provide an example upon which we should model our own lives. Show more Show less