Laura: Mormon.

Hi I'm Laura

About Me

I was born in Japan and raised in the great state of Texas. I have a bachelor's degree in English Language with a minor in Editing. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2009 and we are expecting our first child (a girl) in March 2012. When I'm not cooking and cleaning, I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting, listening to music, and attempting to practice my violin.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in an active LDS home, so going to church and abiding by Gospel principles was just a normal part of life. It wasn't until my early teenage years, when my family moved to an area where the LDS population was very small, that I consciously made the choice to be faithful to the Gospel. It wasn't easy because I was frequently mocked for choosing to live differently than most of my peers. Needless to say, I felt very lonely at times, but I knew Heavenly Father was with me and would bless me for my decision to keep His commandments. I chose and continue to choose to remain a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I have seen how it has blessed my life. I am grateful for the peace the Gospel brings, for temple ordinances that allow me to be with my family forever, and for the opportunity to have a close relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Personal Stories

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

The main reason I share the Gospel with my friends is so they don't have a negative opinion of it. It's not my place to convert them--it's ultimately their choice. But if they come away having a good opinion of the Church, then I feel like I have done good work. My method of sharing the Gospel isn't extremely formal--I try to live by what I have been taught, and I answer questions anyone may have as respectfully as possible.

How I live my faith

My husband and I serve together as meetinghouse librarians. We provide materials to teachers and members in our congregation so that they can teach and learn more effectively, and making sure that the materials get returned. Another duty is also to keep the library in good condition, making sure that there are enough materials and that the materials are up-to-date. Since we are the meetinghouse librarians, we are in charge of making sure the librarians in the other congregations that meet in our building are trained too. People don't often realize how serious this calling is, because usually they see us handing out chalk on Sunday.