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Hi I'm Helen Lorraine

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I work as a Hospice nurse for a private agency. My duties have changed recently and I am now doing a community educator role more than bedside nursing. Its fun to go out into the community and get to know people and be able to offer them a service that most of them don't know is available to them. I love what I do in my work it is a fulfilling thing for someone like me to serve patients and their families at such a time as end of life. This is a sacred calling to me a place few people get to, or want to visit. The things I've seen and the experiences I've been privileged to be part of reaffirm my faith in the undying love of a very personal Savior and Heavenly Father. The unmistakable power of that love lingers like perfume in a room now still and seemingly empty since the departure of a precious soul who had so recently occupied the empty bed. I should write a book! My daughter Keely lives with me in her own apartment downstairs. She goes to college in a dramatic arts program and is always in play rehearsal of picking up troubled teens to take them to remedial programs, or giving a much needed therapeutic massage in a local spa. She is unmarried and looking for that guy who can match her stride...he's going to be a lucky man! My heart is all wrapped around my family of grown children and their children. There are 9 of them: 6 girls and 3 boys and the spouses and grandchildren make....well, you get the idea!

Why I am a Mormon

The most precious thing in this life to me is the knowledge that I am a daughter of the Almighty Being who made this universe and who is still aware of His children. Nothing has made this more clear to me than being a mother and wanting to give good things to my beloved babies. The struggles of life with them....and now without them, have taught me how much we are loved. The experiences of my life have taught me of God's loving patience and relentless redemptive-ness. He never gave up on me when I was rebellious and filled with anger or resentment. I never give up on my beloved children when they are rebellious and filled with anger or fear or malice. I want to be with them forever, to always be one to whom they look for the example of faith and devotion and that forever kind of love that surpasses the restrictions of this life and time that are so not part of who we really are. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind, the Jehovah of the Old Testament, the Messiah of the New Testament. I know that the teachings of the living prophets are the word mind and will of God. Because I have listened to learn and to obey, I have found freedom and joy beyond my understanding. The Book of Mormon is the divine word of God and is the completion of the Bible's teachings. It is to that precious volume that I turn for clarity and direction. I study the scriptures daily and ponder their meaning and application in my own life, to learn to be like my Savior. The principles never fail me, they are always true, though I may sometimes lose my perspective. These things being true place a precious load on my shoulders: If one part of it is true, then that truth dictates that it must all be true. I am accountable to that fact, I cannot deny it. I can live my life through to the end because there is a God who knows I know and it is to Him that I am fully accountable. My love and His makes that a sweet burden.....

How I live my faith

Currently I'm serving in the Relief Society as a visiting teacher and as a visiting teacher supervisor to record the teaching/visiting of each sister within the ward boundaries and report to the Relief Society Presidency. This helps the Presidency to know of changes in the sister's circumstances and their families are noted and we can be alert to the possibility of unusual need for them. We are not in this life alone we need each other and I love the opportunity to get to know each precious soul and be in a position of trust should their needs change. Maybe that's why I've served as a nurse all these years....to be useful to others. Anyway, I also teach the 7-year-olds in Primary. It is a new calling for me though I have worked with the Primary children before several years ago. They are so sweet and full of life and the promises of futurity, they keep me on my toes and make me smile...a lot!! I had been used to teaching in Relief Society and Sunday School, so this is a great challenge for me. I LOVE to teach. Its the Ham in me, I get a great kick out of working an audience ....yeah I know, true confessions, but it is fun. Then, I am a visiting teacher, something we all do to be part of the whole and help to lighten the loads of others. It is still probably my greatest challenge because of my schedule at work, as well as the schedules of the sisters I visit. They are precious and I love each of them.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Helen Lorraine
It is the wisdom of our Heavenly Father to His beloved children whom He wishes to bless. It is a law of health, an Owner's manual if you will, for taking care of our bodies and minds. It is found in the revelations contained in the Doctrine and Covenants...you can read it in Section 89....It only makes sense that He would give us a way to "maintain" this wonderful machine we call our body. Show more Show less