What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jay

I'm a Realtor, a cyclist, a husband, a father, & a Mormon.

About Me

I am a thirty-something father of five, & soon to be six. I was raised in Provo, Utah; Atlanta, Ga; San Antonio, TX; San Fransisco Bay Area; & then finally for 11 yrs in Portland, Oregon. I spent 2 yrs as a missionary for the LDS Church in Lisbon, Portugal. I attended college and graduated in with degrees in global studies & interpersonal communications. My wife & I have been married since 1998. My career has been in real estate as an agent, mortgage loan officer, land developer, & new construction specialist. I am a road cyclist, mountain biker, hiker, & outdoors enthusiast. I love to read, follow college football, and play with my kids. Once upon a time I was a runner & a baseball player. Now, I only remember those days :-). I take time for local politics and volunteer in church organizations. But mostly in my spare time, you will find me talking to my wonderful wife who I love dearly. I currently live in Utah.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I am taught how to be happy in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I feel God has a plan for me and I learn of that plan through the teachings of The Book of Mormon. I am a Mormon because there is no better environment or teachings to raise my family than within the culture and teachings of the Church. I am a Mormon because I have regular spiritual experiences that confirm to my heart and mind the truth of what I am taught in the Church. I am a Mormon because I am closer to God by my study of the Book of Mormon and the way it helps me understand the Bible better. I am a Mormon because I love my associations with members of the church and the opportunities that church service brings. I am a Mormon because I know that God approves of it.

How I live my faith

At one point in my life I had to ask myself the question "what in my life actually belongs to me?". Family, home, life, possessions, even time, I found the answer is: none of them. All are gifts of a loving God through his son Jesus Christ. Now I wake up every morning I try to remind myself that nothing I have actually belongs to me, it belongs to God. That knowledge helps me to keep the proper perspective in life. If everything belongs to God, and I have but a loan of time, talents, opportunities, skills, and physical health, then the real question is "what is this all for?" Followed by: "what do I owe God?". The answers help me to prioritize my life. I believe that I am here to keep God's commandments. I try to use what I have been given for His purposes. Foremost among those purposes is to be a good husband & father, next a good citizen, good member of my community, and good neighbor. I have found that as I get to know my fellow man and serve others I get to know myself, and ultimately a little more about my father in heaven. The more I know about my loving Heavenly Father, the more I love Him and consequently love his children. Daily I try to study His words in scripture. I love the scriptures found in The Bible, The Book of Mormon and other words of the prophets. I especially love the teachings of my Savior, Lord, & Redeemer: Jesus Christ. All centers on Him. I believe that God speaks to man through the Holy Ghost and that I can access that channel of communication in prayer. Prayer is critically important in my life. It is how I know God's will for me personally and allow myself the opportunity to be guided by Him. Weekly, I bring my family to our local congregation or ward. We worship in meetings with others of our faith for 3 hrs every Sunday. I look forward to that every week. It is my opportunity to interact with others of my faith and to learn with and from them. Often, I have the opportunity to teach classes. I really find great value in teaching, it is when I learn the most. Sunday is a holy day as outlined in the 10 commandments and it is also and opportunity to renew my commitments to Him. I partake of the Lord' supper or Sacrament each Sunday in our worship service. We pray as a family, we study together, we learn together and we try to center our home on the teachings of Christ. My children know what I believe and why I believe it. They know that I love the Lord.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Spiritual things are not always easy to share or express adequately in words, however they can be some of the most important things that we share with one another. Books of scripture contain the word of God. Nothing is as important as one's relationship with God. The scriptures teach me the patterns of a happy life, how to relate to my fellow man, how to prioritize daily living, and how to find peace in the midst of a difficult world. I love the idea that if you want to talk to God, pray. If you want God to talk to you read scripture. Most of all I feel close to God when I read his words and I know he loves me and is aware of my needs. I feel his love fill my soul. Show more Show less

Why is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Mormons or Mormonism?

The name "Mormon" refers to the primary editor of the ancient record of people on the american continent who knew of and eventually were visited by Christ. The record is known as The Book of Mormon. In the early to mid 1800's the members of our church became known by neighbors as Mormons. The name became a common way to refer to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

The organization of The LDS or Mormon Church is in it's most local sense is a Ward. A ward is a congregation of people who share a geographic boundary. The congregation is made up of usually 300 or more members who share responsibilities, worship together, & serve one another. The leader of a ward is known as a Bishop. He is like a pastor in other churches and a Ward is his "flock". A "Stake" takes it's name from the Bible and is likened unto the "stakes" that hold down a tent. In this case, a Stake is made up of 6 or more wards and usually 3000 or more people. They are again geographically based. The leader of a Stake is known as a "Stake President". In areas that have only begun to grow, congregations are not as large as wards nor yet organized into stakes. In those circumstances, a congregation may operate as a "branch" before growing large enough to become a stake. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Scripture teaches us that we are children of God just as much as Adam and Eve are. Their story and the story of their fall from his presence teaches me some things: 1. That when I left my heavenly home to come to Earth as a mortal I became separated from God. As I live here on earth, I sin and that makes me unclean or not able to dwell in God's presence. I need to be made clean to return to His presence to "live" again spiritually. 2. My Heavenly Father wanted me to have the life that he has. Coming to earth I would have a mortal body that would die. His body is immortal and perfect. This was the second separation from him. Spiritual death (a state of being unclean) or being out of His presence and physical death were things that I could not in any way overcome by myself. I needed a Savior. His atonement is that help I so desperately needed. I needed someone who was literally the Son of God who had power over death, who had the ability to live a perfect life, so that He might perfect sacrifice for me and pay the price that justice requires for my sins. Jesus Christ offered that perfect sacrifice for my sins and then offers it's benefits to me. His offering of love brings the aid that I would need to enable me overcome sin and eventually be resurrected to a perfect body just as He was. In a practical sense, I can be forgiven, made whole, and have peace in my life based on the spiritual healing that comes from coming unto Him (doing what He says) for answers, for healing, and for peace instead of the options that are presented in culture of today. Show more Show less