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Hi I'm Julie

I grew up in Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm a single mother and public relations pro. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the mother of a wonderful teenage son and the spokeswoman for a healthcare system in the United States. Basically, my job involves working with newspaper and television reporters who have questions about healthcare, hospitals or my organization. I'm also the editor for a health magazine that teaches people how to stay healthy or find treatment for health problems. I love spending time with my family — grandparents, parents, five siblings and their families, and my son. My son and I both love cooking and trying new recipes. I love reading, music, travel, learning new things and spending time outdoors. Last year I set a goal to teach myself to knit. I've always loved cabled sweaters and wanted to learn how to make them, with custom changes to fit my shape. So far I've made a baby blanket for a new niece, a cabled hooded scarf for another niece and a manly silk-and-wool scarf for my son. Now I'm working on my first pair of socks — ribbed, extra-long knee-highs in a pretty dark-blue wool, and my first sweater, a soft alpaca-wool blend in pale lavender.

Why I am a Mormon

Most simply, I am a Mormon because I love Jesus Christ and want to follow His teachings. My parents married in the Salt Lake Temple and raised all their children with the teachings of Jesus Christ. I was baptized when I was eight years old. Children simply believe what their parents teach them. But when I was 12, I decided I needed to know the truth for myself. I had learned about Joseph Smith's prayer to find the true church and decided to follow his example. With a child's faith, I hoped an angel would come to tell me whether the gospel was true. I kept praying over several weeks. One night, I woke up with my face close to the curtain over my window. All I could see was brilliant light from the street lamp outside, and it reminded me of the light Joseph Smith saw before God the Father and Jesus Christ came to answer his question. As I thought of this, a warm feeling from the Holy Ghost crept into my heart and I realized I already knew the answer. The gospel of Jesus Christ as my parents taught me is the truth. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God who restored Christ's true Church. I knew this truth, I had always known it, and I didn't need an angel visitor to tell me. I was disappointed about the angel, but happy at the same time. Now, whenever I have a question about the gospel I pray to know the truth, and I receive an answer through the Holy Ghost. I have to work hard by studying the scriptures and living the principles of the gospel. Though it can take some time, Heavenly Father always answers. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came to earth to show us the right way to live, and He suffered and died to pay for our sins. Because of His atoning sacrifice, we can ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness when we sin. We can overcome our weaknesses and return to Heavenly Father after this life to live with our families forever. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost love each of us, and They help us through life's challenges when we pray.

How I live my faith

I love the volunteer work I do with the girls in our congregation's youth program. I work with seven other women to advise 28 girls that are between the ages of 12 and 18. Together we support the girls' parents by reinforcing principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ that the parents teach at home. We help the girls develop positive attributes and make good decisions as they move into young adulthood. We teach the girls lessons about the gospel on Sundays and help them plan a — fun! — service or learning activity each week. I set a good example for the girls by living the standards I teach. We also help the girls develop leadership skills. The girls are divided into classes by age: 12-13, 14-15 and 16-18. One of the girls in the group is asked to serve as class president for about six months and she chooses two counselors and a secretary. This presidency meets each month to discuss the needs of the girls in the class and plan weekly activities that will help. Some of the activities are planned with the teen boys of the same age, with all the girls ages 12 to 18, or with all the boys and girls. We teach them how to conduct meetings effectively, plan activities and serve the other girls their age. Through my volunteer work, I've made friends with some great families — especially those of the other women who volunteer with the youth. We help and support each other as friends as well as in our volunteer work. I've also gotten to know and love some pretty amazing teens. One of the wonderful things about the Church of Jesus Christ is the way we all work to serve each other. At the same time I'm working with the girls, men in my congregation are doing the same for my son. As a single mother, it means a lot to have men with high standards setting a positive example for my son, caring about him, and reinforcing the gospel principles that I teach him at home. I would spend all my free time to do for just one girl what others have done for my son.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

My belief that couples and families can be together forever is guiding principle of my faith. When we had trouble getting along as children, Mom would remind us that we are an eternal family. It helped us work constantly at these most precious relationships. For me, living this principle all my life means I can now say my brothers and sisters, my mom and dad are my BEST FRIENDS. As a mother, I've worked hard to have that same relationship with my son. I've taught him to love and respect his father and me. We love to talk and just be together, as mother and son and with our extended families. We help each other through hard times. And we work to live the teachings of Jesus Christ so we can qualify to live together as an eternal family. Though I'm single now, The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that the blessing of an eternal husband-and-wife relationship will be extended to everyone who faithfully follows Christ's teachings. So I can look forward to that beautiful gift. As I think of the kind of man I want to marry — kind, intelligent, community-minded, and a faithful follower of Jesus Christ — I work to be the same, the kind of woman he'd want to marry. I can't wait to meet him! Show more Show less