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Hi I'm Nicole Hayes

About Me

I am 38 years old and have been a member of The Church of Latter Day Saints for the last 17 years. I am married to an amazing man and am a mother of four. Two by birth (a son 16yrs. old & a daughter who was stillborn) and two by marriage (a son who is 22 and a daughter who will be 17). I work outside the home in accounts receivables in the restoration industry. My husband was a police officer for 13 years and is now an investigator.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I chose to be. I grew up in Ohio and had never heard of "Mormons" until I moved to Mesa Arizona. I went to school with kids that were Mormon but never really paid attention. When I met my husband he was a member. I had gone to different churches growing up Methodist when with my Mom and Lutheran when with my Dad. Visited churches with different friends growing up but never really "claimed" a religion as my own. My husband was born and raised in an LDS family. When we started dating a friend of his had us over for dinner and had the Missionaries over as well. I was able to ask questions and they explained some of the things that I had heard about "them Mormons". It didn't take long for me to realize that a lot is said about Mormons that is either not true or embellished. I met with the missionaries for a few months and then was baptized after we had been married. I have never regretted my decision to become a member and know that this church and the teachings are true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending church every Sunday and reading the scriptures. I haven't been the best at reading and saying prayers daily and sometimes may have felt inferior but I know that we all can do better and all I can do is strive to change. I have been a teacher in Primary before, a den leader in Cub Scouts and currently I am a Primary Secretary. I am a Visiting Teacher and get to visit with other women in our ward and discuss the church as well as make sure they and their families are doing okay. The biggest way I live my faith is by caring and serving others. My family and I like to volunteer about 4 times a year at St. Vincent de Paul a Catholic Charity that serves the working homeless and homeless population. We enjoy volunteering at a organization called Save the Family that helps women and children who have been victims of domestic violence get back on their feet. My favorite quote and I don't know who said goes something like this.. "Live so those who know you but don't know Him (Jesus Christ) will want to know Him because they Know you".

What is being a Mormon like?

Nicole Hayes
It is one of the best blessings you will ever receive. I didn't grow up in a Mormon family and joined the church when I was 21. My family is mostly in Ohio once becoming a member of the church you have the love and support of a ward family. A ward is a geographically assigned area of where you will attend church. The ward is made up of traditional families, single parent families,widows,widowers,young single adults, divorced individuals,etc. It is an instant support group. We help each other out when someone gets sick, passes away, moves, has any need at all. The kids from 3-11 have activities where they get to spend time with kids that have the same values. Teenagers from 12-19 have activities and get to spend time together as well. We moved to a new area two years ago and didn't know anyone in our new ward. My husband called ahead to tell them when we would be there because we had a Uhaul truck. We pulled up there were men and boys ready to unload our truck and then some women had provided a meal for us. My son made instant friends and left to play basketball and go swimming later that afternoon with his new friends. That is what being a member is like. Having loving people who care about you and your family who may not know you but would do anything for you and you in turn would do anything for them. Show more Show less