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Hi I'm Bretton from Lindon!

I am the oldest of 13 children, father of 7 and 1 wonderful wife, a technology consultant, musician, adventurer and a Mormon.

About Me

I have had incredible experiences in my life . . . it has been a wonderful blessing . . . all of it! My father, an astronomer and nuclear physicist taught me to appreciate all of God's creations. My mother taught me about value of people over things and importance of family in God's plan - the oldest of 13 children. I love my angel mother and inspiring father! Serving others, being productive, building my own family with a beautiful and super talented wife and 7 children, being a good example and sharing the story of the restoration of the gospel is my true joy in life! I have worked as a farmhand on a ranch, a grocery boy, meat packing plant line worker, restaurant dishwasher, circuit board manufacturer, private grounds keeper and served a full-time Mandarin speaking mission to Taipei, Taiwan in 1985-86. In college I obtained several degrees in Bus Mgt, Lib Arts & Sciences, Intl Rel, completed an internship in Taiwan and participated in many other life enriching programs; graduating from the Institute of Religion, competing on the USU Ballroom Dance, playing Cello in the USU Symphony and holding positions in Partners In Business, Intl Club of Entrepreneurs, President's Ambassadorship Council, Sigma Gamma Chi and Phi Sigma Pi. As a consultant I enjoy helping companies with the technology explosion. My motivation springs from knowing that the Glory of God is intelligence and that these experiences help me better serve Him in my life and for eternity.

Why I am a Mormon

From the time I was little until now I have had the seeds of faith in the Creator & Reedemer of the world planted deeply in my mind and heart. These seeds have grown into strong witnesses of God's plan for man. From Primary to Priesthood learned how to receive the covenant blessings from God, who has kept his ageless promises to me when I obey Him. Especially in times of trial I feel Him closest and I find the teachings from the scriptures of greatest worth to me. I know that my faith is placed on a firm and real unchanging foundation of truth . . . the gospel of Jesus Christ. So many truths . . . so little time to share. I love paying tithing and living the law of consecration, for God has always provided greater blessings of health, jobs, income, rescue from danger and protection from evil. Missionary Work is sweet, when the spirit prompts us to share, my heart and mind are opened up and I meet the people that want to know the truth and they are touched. It is miraculous! Temple work is divine, simply heavenly work on earth as we unite Heavenly Father's family through the beautiful pattern of Eternal families where the greatest meaning, joy and love is found in life. Priesthood power is restored and shared in an unbroken succession of the laying on of hands on my head clear back to Jesus Christ. My opportunity to act for the Lord is powerful to heal my family, friends and His children around the world. I have witnessed so many personal miracles when I act in His name. I love using the priesthood to serve others. God knows all things and when I ask Him in faith, nothing wavering, He answers my prayers. I found my car keys lost on a snowy mountain side and I have been protected from imminent danger (stabbing, falling, multiple car accidents) all witnesses that He is listening to my prayers! His creations are magnificent! I enjoy them all! My faith is firmly placed in His plan and church! I fight for liberty from ignorance and intolerance! I AM a Mormon!

How I live my faith

Every day is a great adventure given to me and what I do my gift to the world and my creator. I try to listen to promptings from Heaven and for answers to my prayers. When I look outward to others and invite these promptings my capacity is enlarged. I know myself pretty well and I am in awe that when I follow my ways I am less successful than when I try to honor my Father in Heaven, follow his son Jesus Christs example and listen to the Holy Ghost who reveals and testifies of truth. I always accomplish more good this way than when I try to do it alone. This is how I know these separate beings are real. I have a personal relationship with each of them. I pray to Heavenly Father, follow His Son and use His atonement and listen to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. I am engaged in many good causes that empower people to be self-reliant. I show people how to use technology to accomplish more than they could without it to improve their businesses and personal production. I am aligned with our fight for freedom and personal ownership and control of the god-given assets entrusted to His children. The ownership and control of Earth, Minerals, Commodities, Business Systems and Intellectual Property are precious gifts provided by our Constitution and by God. Thank goodness we still have many of these freedoms. I am thankful every day for all that has been entrusted to me. I am a Block Captain in our community watching over 8-10 families and teaching them how to survive in an extreme emergency physically or spiritually. I seek out those with trials and do my best to help them find solutions. When I exercise righteous living in my heart, might and mind and remember to choose the right, my life is filled with Joy. And, as the scriptures say . . . "Man is that he might have Joy!" I do have great joy with my children, Joy being married to a very patient woman, Joy in doing good things for other people and joy in pleasing my Father in Heaven.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Bretton from Lindon!
A testimony for me is a burning sure witness that is clear in my mind and deeply inscribed in my heart of any true principle that is time-tested and always produces the same results when I act upon it. I have found the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be the greatest source of these truths. My testimony has many levels from my personal relationship with God (privately) to the grandeur of all the teachings and masterful organization of all the programs (globally( within the framework of the church. The light of the restored gospel shines so brightly it is unmistakably the Kingdom of God on earth! Check it all out, then open your heart and ask God, with real intent, if it is His work . . . he will answer you in the most unique and unmistakable way that you cannot deny it came from Him. Then you will have your own testimony that will stand forever in your soul. Show more Show less