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Hi I'm April

I joined the Church as a teenager and now have five children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a stay-at-home-mom with five children, and I spend my day tending to my children and the responsibilities of our household. I love to sleep in (but rarely get the chance!) and eat ice cream before bed. I am currently training for a half marathon with some girlfriends and am looking forward to our Cheesecake Factory dinner! My youngest child has developmental delays. His physical abilities are limited and his vocabulary is practically nonexistent, but he has the best smile in the world, and I am so grateful he is a part of our family. So, in addition to dance classes, sporting events and playdates, we spend considerable time visiting physical and speech therapists. In my free time (in the shower and very late at night), I enjoy reading, writing, scrapbooking, entertaining and finding fantastic travel deals online. My favorite (fiction) book of all time is Pride and Prejudice, and I’m looking forward to taking my children to Disneyland when my husband finishes school!

Why I am a Mormon

Even as a young girl, I had a natural inclination for religion. I attended a Sunday School class as a child by myself and asked for a Bible for my birthday. We attended several churches growing up (although none regularly), and I carefully pondered those religious beliefs and tried to assimilate them into something that seemed correct and complete. As a teenager, I began attending the Mormon church with a friend. I'm sure I was interested in the social aspects the Church had to offer as much as in its doctrines. I remember very clearly watching a video depicting Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection one Sunday and becoming overwhelmed by this powerful, sweet sensation. In that moment, I knew that Jesus Christ really lived, and that He was truly my Savior. As the missionaries began teaching me more of the gospel, that same sweet spirit, the Holy Ghost, continued to powerfully confirm the truth of what I was learning. I couldn't deny the Spirit of the Lord in my life any longer, and I was baptized and confirmed a member of this Church. That same sweet, powerful Spirit continues to impact my life today and confirm the truthfulness of the gospel. Simply put, I am a Mormon because I cannot deny the influence of the Holy Ghost that I feel in my life as I live the principles of the gospel. Belonging to this church brings me a peace and happiness that I cannot find anywhere else.

How I live my faith

I am currently the secretary of the children's organization. It's my job to make sure that all of the children are attending church each week and have opportunities to learn and grow. A few women visit the children in their homes and get to know them better. That way, we can help them develop a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ, learn to recognize the Spirit and express our love to them. We also plan fun activities for the children during the week. I also visit certain women in our congregation each month. When we meet together, we talk about what's going on in our lives--challenges, loss, successes, fears, etc.--and we uplift, strengthen and encourage each other. I help these women when they need meals brought into the home, someone to watch their children or service in some other way. These women have become some of my choicest friends. Because of the happiness I feel as I serve, I make sure my family also has opportunities to help others. My family organizes service projects within the church and the community. They help me deliver meals, assemble hygiene kits and collect toys for children. We have prepared meals and played with children in shelters and completed yard work for the elderly. Jesus has commanded us to love and serve each other, and I am grateful to be able to do so.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

As a Mormon woman, I love to read, write, scrapbook, talk, travel to tropical places and see "chick flicks" with my girlfriends. Other Mormon women prefer to stay at home, paint, garden, cook and just about everything else. Mormon women are incredibly diverse; we come from different cultures, economic classes and religious backgrounds; some work outside the home while others do not; some women have large families, some small, and many have no children at all. While there are a million differences among Mormon women, we are unified and strengthened by our knowledge of the plan of salvation: we know that we were sent to earth for a specific purpose and that the Lord truly has a plan for each one of us; we know that the atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to reconcile ourselves with our perfect and loving Heavenly Father. We know that there is abiding joy to be had—both now and throughout eternity—if we keep the commandments of the Lord and have faith in Jesus Christ. And this makes us happy. Are men and women equal in the Mormon church? This is a great question! Mormons believe that men and women are children of God, and as such, are equally loved and important in the eyes of the Lord. Faithful Mormon men treat women (inside and outside of the Church) with reverence and respect. When women have leadership responsibilities in the Church (and they certainly do!), they counsel together with the male leaders. Every opinion matters and every voice gets heard, and just like in business and other areas of life, the best outcomes are possible because everyone worked together. However, there is no denying that men and women are very different—both physically and emotionally. As Mormons, we believe that these differences are designed by God himself, and we celebrate them. We take all the good in women and all the good in men, put them side by side in an equal partnership, and watch that relationship flourish. We learn from each other. Fathers change diapers, women mow lawns, and all sorts of wonderful things happen. The two halves complement each other and complete each other. This miracle occurs in marriages and in leadership positions within the Mormon church. We learn from each other, and we support each other. And we are all better because of it. Show more Show less