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Hi I'm Jeannie S. T.

I grew up in the Midwest. I attended a Methodist University. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I love to read. I love yard work. We have five children and 19 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. (actually, our grandchildren are pretty great, too!!)

Why I am a Mormon

One cold and blustery day a knock came at our door. I peeked out the music room window and saw two nicely dressed young men. Slowly I dragged myself to the door to answer it. What with my school-teacher husband being home sick in bed with the flu during his vacation from school and the worry about our baby who recently had been diagnosed with a congenital hip problem that I was afraid would make her a cripple for life, I wasn't interested in buying anything from these, apparently, door-to-door salesmen. When I opened the door I found them to be very kind, gentle, men who wanted to talk about God. I explained to them that my husband had the flu, so I couldn't ask them in, but, I told them, if they were ever in the neighborhood again to stop by. A few weeks later two young men came to the door again. I'm really not sure if they were the same two. There was a generic sameness I couldn't quite define. I invited them in, and we sat at the kitchen table while they explained about the Godhead to me. It all made so much sense that I sat there nodding my head at their every statement. They said that God is our Father. Well, my Methodist Church taught that, too, but they thought He was only a Spirit. I was glad to hear that he really is a person and He really does have a body and He really is real. (That’s what I'd always felt inside) They explained how the Church that Christ had organized when He was on the earth had changed and strayed from His teachings as the Apostles were killed off. I had always thought that the Catholic Church was not quite on the right track and they showed me how it had been organized so many years after the Apostles were no longer around to guide it. They also showed me that the Protestant Churches, which had broken off from the Catholic Church, could not be true either because when you break off a branch from a dead tree, that branch is also dead. It all made so much sense to me. I asked them if they would please come back some evening and tell my husband all these same things. They said yes, they would. And they did. They came every Sunday evening from until we moved. That summer my husband was going to summer school so he stayed with his parents. I made a rather historic trip to the midwest to visit my parents. When my husband and I both returned home, we immediately resumed our weekly meetings with these fine young men. Their faces and names changed, but their message remained the same. We moved to a different town and the first phone call we made on our new phone, was to number which we had found in the phone book under churches, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We requested that they send Missionaries to us. Soon we were visited by two older men, Stake Missionaries. These Missionaries came every week to teach us and invited us to attend the Investigators' Sunday School class. Every Sunday we went to Sunday school. It was held in a community building. Some of the classes were in the basement, and the young boys had the job of clearing out the beer cans and sweeping out the cigarette butts before they drew the dividing curtains to make the classrooms. But our class was held upstairs. In the coat closet. We would push hangers toward the end of the rod so we could scoot our chairs back to get more into the class. Our other three children went to their own classes, but I held our little new one in my arms during class. We had an excellent teacher. We continued to have visits from the Missionaries and attend Sunday School all through the spring. We attended church activities. One I especially remember was a square dance in the unfinished new building. Through the back of the stage we could see stars in the sky as an enthusiastic older lady taught us new steps. We had a grand time. Soon at our request, a baptism sate was set. We drove - just the three of us - of the children only our son was old enough to be baptized. We had dressed in our white clothing and sat down with the others. There was a whole roomful of people there to be baptized. The only people we knew in the room were our two stalwart missionaries who were to baptize us. The next day, my 30th birthday, we were confirmed in Sacrament meeting in the new nearly-finished building. There were sheets of heavy plywood over the holes in the floor (for heating system installation) and folding chairs were set on them in which we were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints and were given the gift of the Holy Ghost. We have almost never missed a Sacrament meeting since that time. My husband was called to be President of the young men's organization and I was called to teach the youngest in a weekday class, the 4-year old Sunbeams. We met on an air base, out in a park. When the nice weather was gone we met in a church building on the base. Early on, we had the experience of working at the Church Cannery, canning tomatoes for the world. The canning was done at an old house with a great big back porch. Everyone got spattered with the tomatoes and we thought our entire new ward had freckles. Finding the true church was awesome! and that's why I'm a Mormon!!

How I live my faith

For over 30 years I taught an early morning religion class to High School students every day school was in session. At this time my husband of 60 years and I are teaching 10-year-old children from the New Testament every Sunday. We also serve in our community by delivering meals to the homebound, volunteering at the medical center, and participating in the American Veterans' Band locally.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Jeannie S. T.
I love the Bible! Mormons know that the Old Testament and the New Testament testify of Christ. We know that it is Holy Scripture and contains the word of God. As the Old Testament and the New Testament support each other, so the Book of Mormon supports them both. The Bible has gone through so many hands and translations that some of the truths in it have been lost or distorted. It is so comforting to me that the Book of Mormon clarifies many of these errors and unclear points. I love the Bible. Show more Show less