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Hi I'm Robert Bruce

About Me

I was born in Utah. I grew up predominately there except for several years spent in southern California. I then finished college and went to professional training. Following earning my professional degree I entered into the United States Army for a three year active duty tour over in Germany. After completion of my tour of duty I returned back to school for additional training in Newark, New Jersey. Following completion of a postdoctoral degree, I returned back to Utah where I set up a business and have been working there since then. I got married and during my college and post college training years I got married and my wife and I were blessed with two daughters and four sons. Two of my sons are married and left home. One joined the United States Air Force and the other is back on the east coast pursuing a doctoral degree. I have enjoyed learning how to fly with my private pilot's VFR rating. One thing that I really enjoy is bringing a plane down to a runway smoothly. I also enjoy reading particularly the Bible and Book of Mormon. I also have a love to be out in the mountains as well as traveling abroad.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I grew up as a child as a Mormon, there came a time in my life when I was nineteen when seriously questioned whether or not that this religion that I was involved with was truly a real thing or some silly tradition that my parents had gotten me involved with when I was a child. I decided that I would apply a test that is given in the Book of Mormon found in the last section of the book called Moroni. It simply stated that if one reads the words of the Book of Mormon with an open mind truly wanting to know if those were words true or someone's made-up story, and prays or asks God if they are true having some belief in Jesus Christ, then the Holy Ghost will let you know through your feelings and thoughts if it is true. I would read one page at a time and question to myself if it was true or some fable or folklore story. I would ask myself in my mind, could any modern-day man who had little education to the point of sixth grade have written this page by his own power or intellect. After a good month on doing that I was studying a language that I was trying to learn at the time, and there came to me a very powerful witness to my feelings throughout my whole body as well as to my thoughts in my mind that that which I had studied in the Book of Mormon is true. Even though one's sight can deceive oneself of what is real and what is not real, one's feelings are a much more powerful sense of the body. I knew what I felt and can still receive those same feelings as I think upon that experience. Since then I have become acquainted with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Usually it has been through trials and hard times that it has happened. I would never wish anyone to have gone through the experiences that I have been through, but I did gain a personal knowledge and affinity for both Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I learned that they are real and very loving. They do care but will NEVER impose themselves upon another interfering with that person's agency unless that person so chooses to have them a part of their life. This has made it so I can live each day with a degree of hope that I am okay and I can be a cause of good in someone's life. Also that I will do okay in life.

How I live my faith

I have participated actively in the wards where we have lived in. That has included Seattle, Washington, Friedberg, Germany, and Newark, New Jersey as well as Utah. It has always been serving other ward members on the grass-roots level. I have routinely tried to be a help to those families or individuals that I have visited. Usually it was on the level of just being a friend or a support to them. Nothing monumental or spectacular just talking to them sharing my feelings regarding the religion or Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and how it was been a great support and peace in my life. I know openly acknowledge the goodness of God and His Son Jesus Christ has been to me as well as my family despite all the challenges, heart-ache, and disappointments that have come my way. I could do it no other way. I have found that the atonement of Jesus Christ not only applies to cleansing one's soul of the disastrous effects of sin, but also cleansing myself of hurt, discouragement, anger, and disappointment and sadness. I truly believe carrying the burdens of these saps one's energy making himself or herself less effective in helping others. Also these effects interferes one's ability to be happy. It is through the atonement that these negative effects of these things can be minimized to the point that one can look at them in one's mind and one does not feel bad about them. Hourly application or use of the atonement is crucial to my happiness. One could also say that one is taking the name of Christ upon themselves when he or she does this. One also is taking upon themselves the name of Christ when they are helping out another person.

What is faith?

Robert Bruce
I have learned through many experiences in my life as well as thinking about what is written in the scriptures especially what is found in the New Testament in the book of Hebrews, chapter 12:1 what faith means to me. I believe that it is having an assurance or confidence in one's feelings that something is true. It has to be based in the belief that Jesus Christ is alive today even though he or she cannot see Him. Also that He has concern for that person. We also know from scriptures that is one of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost to an individual. It is something that is real, but it is not seen. The principle of faith is strengthened by applying it. In other words, one goes out does something. For example if one has a feeling that he will feel better if he or she goes and drinks a glass of water, if he or she does so, then the end result will be that he or she feels better. In contrast, if one chooses to ignore that feeling, then one will not feel better even though it is true. If does not follow that assurance or feeling, then the power of the principle is weakened and eventually becomes very weak to be comparison to a bonfire dwindling down to a small flicker of an ember. Faith in Jesus Christ is critical to living in this world with some degree of peace and happiness. It can be compared to water being essential for our existence. One reason for this is that faith in Jesus Christ gives us strength to face and displace the powerful and common emotion of fear. This emotion of fear is one which all people have experienced. This emotion is literally controlled by faith in Jesus Christ and gives each of us the ability to be at cause in helping others out. Fear hampers our ability and desire to help others out and results in us being acted upon by whatever forces. This is not in the design or plan of the Almighty God. That is why we have been given the blessing of developing a the gift of faith. In the words of Angela Johnson, well noted sculptress, having faith in Jesus Christ means relying completely on Him knowing that even though you do not understand all things, He does. This gives us the strength to move on and live a peaceful life. Show more Show less