What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Keely Marie

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Having a book in my hands, or watching a pieces come together to form a quilt are my favorite things. I'm not big on yard work (thank heavens for friends and family who help out!) so its good I have a small yard. I work in telecommunications, taking 911 calls and dispatching police officers, sheriff deputies, or firemen (not all at once!! We rotate positions daily). I'm mostly quiet and prefer the company of my dogs to going out and partying. I enjoy simple moments with my friends. I love my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because . . . . . . there is a spirit of peace and happiness that comes from living the gospel. . . . having a Prophet who lives today and gives guidance and counsel on how to survive in today's society, brings comfort and security no matter what's on the news in the evening. . . . the gospel of Jesus Christ gives me a framework which helps guide me in making decisions.

How I live my faith

I would say that I don't live my faith in a big way. I live my faith in the small ways. Saying prayers for myself and others daily. Making sure I read the scriptures so I can hear the word of God. Being an example at work by not cussing or degrading other people. Telling my friends and family I love them every time we part. Being patient with everyone (including staying in the slowest line at the grocery store while they are training a new cashier). Choosing an uplifting movie rather than one that is vulgar or too graphic. It's the little decisions on a daily basis that defines what my faith is.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Keely Marie
When I hear the word 'cult' I think of a group of people who obsessively follow a leader without questioning what the leader has them do. In essence, the leader has brainwashed his or her followers and they no longer use their own agency to make choices, it is whatever the leader tells them. Cult members follow the leader blindly. I can understand why some would see the church as a cult because as a whole, the members of the church live standards that mainstream society doesn't follow or emphasize. Such as that we do not drink alcohol, coffee or tea and that we live the law of chastity (no sex outside of marriage and strict fidelity within marriage) are two common examples. We are a large group of people, living a different lifestyle. The main difference and key point, is that we CHOOSE to follow. We are allowed to question, and we are encouraged by all the leaders to ask our Heavenly Father in prayer about any and all commandments. Heavenly Father still speaks to us today. He wants us to ask, and to gain our own faith and testimony about the commandments and standards of the church. Heavenly Father loves us, and will never lead us astray. Every member of the church has joined the church through his or her own decision. He or she has prayed, and felt the Holy Ghost witnessing of the truthfulness of the gospel. We do not follow blindly. Each member can and does study, question, and gain knowledge for his or herself of the standards expected in the church. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

Keely Marie
The First Vision is an answer to prayer. Joseph Smith wanted to join a church, but there were so many and they all taught the same scriptures slightly differently. He prayed to know which church to join. During the prayer, Heavenly Father answered Joseph by telling him to listen to His Son, Jesus Christ. Joseph was told that none of the churches he had been praying about had all of the truth. As a result of this vision, Joseph Smith was given the knowledge and power from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to restore The Church of Jesus Christ on Earth today. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Keely Marie
Everything tells me that there is a God. I was having a bad day and just being mopey all around. The light rain we were supposed to get that afternoon became a thuderstorm. I love watching the lightening crack, and the clouds roll and I was able to sit and listen to the rumbles of thunder and pounding of rain, and felt the love of God. That was a moment when God was telling me, it's all right, I am here. I was depressed and he showed me his majesty. My friends and I went on a road trip, and we started with a prayer for safe travel. During the trip, there were several close calls where we were almost hit by a reckless driver. Yet each time, our driver saw the problem and was able to brake or swerve in to the shoulder to avoid impact. I know God was watching over us to giving us that extra second of notice to move so we could be safe. When I pray, I can feel his love. I was going through a very tough time, and would cry a lot. Yet in prayer, I felt peace and had a sense of being enveloped in love. I know there is no way I could fake or create in my mind a warm, happy feeling because I was too depressed, yet that is exactly what I felt. Only God, through the Holy Ghost, could uplift and stengthen me in such a way. If I just look around, I see His creations. No man or accident of nature could make anything as beautiful as a sunset, a smiling baby, a dogwood tree in bloom or the fresh smell in the air after a spring rain. Only God could give us such beauty each day. Show more Show less