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Hi I'm Leslie Householder

I'm a wife and mother of 7. I'm an internationally published, best selling author, speaker, and business owner...and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife and a mother. I met my husband when I was sixteen, and kept my eyes on him for four years while we both dated around and ultimately realized that we really belonged together. I love to cuddle with my little ones, and to stay up late talking with my teenagers. We love a good movie and music is a big part of our lives. I've been married twenty years and still struggle DAILY with what to make for dinner. I'm not a great home maker but I try. We like to joke that our house is so well kept that you could eat off the floor - Cheerios, bread crumbs, squished raisins...

Why I am a Mormon

I believe God continues to be engaged in the welfare and salvation of his children, even 2000 years after Christ ministered on the earth. If Christ was resurrected and still lives - what is he doing now? I believe he's very actively directing his kingdom, preparing the world for his return. It also makes sense to me that while prophets of the old world prophesied the coming of the Messiah, there were other prophets elsewhere also receiving similar revelations for the people of their regions. How unfair would it be, that at a time in the earth's history when communication between continents was non-existent, that God would only teach salvation to one small region? I'm certain He would teach his gospel to people of ALL nations, not just to those in and near Jerusalem. I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon and its account of the Lord's dealings with the ancient people who lived on the American continent, and of his visit, ministry, and teachings after his resurrection. Together with the Bible, we have an additional witness of Christ's literal divinity. Although I was raised in the church, I wondered whether all that I had been taught was really true. As a teenager, I had to find out for myself. So I tested the promise, that if I would remember how merciful and patient the Lord has been throughout history, and ask God with a humble heart whether the Book of Mormon is a true record, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I'd know. After pushing aside all my doubts and fears, and imagining a loving Father wanting me to know the truth, a feeling of warmth and assurance overcame me - a sense and feeling of love more powerful than I can describe. I can't prove it, because spiritual truths can only be verified by spiritual means - but once you feel it for yourself, you just know. After that, it doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks of you - because the peace and love you feel when you connect with your literal Father in Heaven is worth whatever price you have to pay.

How I live my faith

I'm a volunteer Sunday School teacher for the adult members of our congregation; presently we're studying the teachings of Paul the apostle in the New Testament, and I love studying the parallels between the challenges faced by the early saints, and the similar challenges we face as latter-day saints. I also enjoy my time with the ladies in my neighborhood as we visit together outside of church, discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ, and share experiences to encourage and strengthen one another to help us through life's dilemmas. Life can be so tough - sometimes I don't know how I'd manage without it.  My husband and I try to make family time a priority - not so much full of scheduled activities - but just by canceling unnecessary commitments and making time to just be ourselves together. We study the scriptures together at breakfast, and (because most of my children are also home schooled) we finish our morning routine with other academic studies and chores. I've noticed something, though - the more casual our conversations about God's plan, the better. Sometimes we end up talking late into the night about things of eternal importance, and I've realized that it's those sometimes rare but beautiful moments that have become the glue that holds us together when life gets especially stressful.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

Leslie Householder
The order and balance, the intricate interdependency of all living things - it couldn't possibly be an accident. Something had to have been the creator of it all. How could all things in nature fall into perfect ORDER without a God? The law of entropy would have prevented it - the nature of all things tending to fall into disorder. That there IS order tells me there is a God. But even more than that, because I know my five senses can misinterpret reality, I know there's a God because of the deep spiritual impression I feel whenever I searched my heart to discern truth from illusion. Once someone challenged me to pray for 20 minutes. I was up for the challenge, so I went to a quiet place, and began to pray. First, I ran down my list of things I was grateful for, then I ran down my list of requests, and then I checked the clock. It had only been a few minutes. There was really nothing left to say, and since I didn't know how to "listen" for an answer, I just imagined what it would be like to be kneeling in front of Him. Before long, a new awareness pierced my consciousness - and a feeling consumed me that He was aware of me, and loved me very much. It was so strong and powerful, so different than anything I had ever experienced, that my own imagination could not have possibly invented it. I knew in that moment that He was real. I also was acutely aware that He was also overjoyed that I had finally discovered Him. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Leslie Householder
I was only nine when my father accepted a contract to work in Singapore. My family had a quick vacation in Hawaii, and then stopped in Hong Kong before finally arriving in Singapore. I only remember a few things from Hong Kong. One was an incident which helped me see that although I might have been brought up in a sort of bubble in the heartland of Mormondom, I would be able to feel right at home in a place that couldn’t be stranger to me. As we walked down a busy city street, hoards of people hurried by. I must have stood out pretty seriously, because even at my young age of nine, I was already taller than most of the men, and felt seriously out of place with my flaming red hair. Then, from across the crowd of hundreds of Orientals, we spotted two young men in white shirts and dark jackets with little black nametags. My father cupped his hands around his mouth and bellowed, "Elders!" The two young men turned to us, and with countenances of joy they waved and shouted across the crowd, "Mem-bers!" It was a wonderful reunion for strangers who had never met. In Australia, we found the same sense of belonging by attending church there. Family members have since felt just as at home in Indonesia, New York, Russia, England, Canada, and any other place where we've attended church across the world. My experiences have taught me that no matter where I go, the commonality that exists among members always helps me feel right at home. This is what it's like to be a Mormon. Show more Show less