What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Allison.

I'm a happy wife. I'm working on a graduate degree in social work. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am working on a master's degree in social work after studying sociology as an undergraduate and I love working with people. I live in Texas now but I grew up moving around the country and the world with my dad's career as an Air Force pilot - I am the oldest of six children and absolutely love spending time with my family. I met my husband ten years ago in high school and after several years of long-distance dating, we have now been incredibly happily married for four years. We have had some amazing opportunities to travel and are always dreaming about our next trip together. I live life based on a color-coded to-do list that keeps me organized and sane with my school and church responsibilities, and I love fitting in cooking, reading, and crafting when I can.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because living the teachings of the Church has brought me peace and direction in a way I have not experienced anywhere else. I believe in a Heavenly Father who knows me individually, loves me, sent me to earth to learn more about Him and serve His children, and communicates with me regularly. Another doctrine of the Church that I cling to is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am imperfect and there is no way I can return blameless to my Heavenly Father without the saving power and grace available as I rely on my Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe that God has a prophet on earth today just as He did in biblical times, and the prophets communicate God's will to us. I also believe that the standards of the Church provide safety and freedom. As a social work student, I try to help people who have been negatively affected by their own or others' choices, and I believe the Church's teachings point the way to responsible, sustainable life choices that bless our lives and make us more available to help others. Even when the trials and challenges come - and oh do they come! - my membership in the Church and living by its teachings has given me the perspective to see that challenges are just a way to become better and learn. By being involved in the Church and living its teachings, I have received blessings and answers to prayers that I know have come from my Heavenly Father and have made my life incredibly happy. Most of all, I am a Mormon because I have found out for myself. I have had enough experiences with prayer to trust the answers I receive from Heavenly Father and I have faith to believe that the answers will keep coming. Despite the basis of most claims in today's data-driven world, all I can point to are my own experiences that have taught me this Church is true. I belong to this church – I am a Mormon – because the doctrine of the church challenges me not to follow blindly, but instead to find out for myself – and I have.

How I live my faith

On a daily basis, I live my faith by praying multiple times a day, individually and with my husband, and studying the Book of Mormon, Bible, or Doctrine and Covenants. My husband and I are currently studying the New Testament and it is so inspiring to read about the Savior's ministry and helps me as I try to be more Christlike in my interactions with others. I currently serve my local congregation as a leader in the women's organization called the Relief Society, where I help to plan Sunday and weekday meetings and make sure that all of the women and families in the ward are taken care of, especially those who have special needs at a given time. There is an army of willing volunteers among all the members of our ward, and I am privileged to work with them. Our overall goal as a Relief Society is to strengthen women and their families, serve others, and increase personal faith. I devote a lot of time to my church responsibilities but love using my personal talents and skills in my Heavenly Father's work looking after His children. Our local congregation has no paid employees, only volunteers, and there is a lot of work to do to help each member and family to spiritually progress. As I work with people outside church, I rely on my fundamental understanding that each individual is a child of Heavenly Father which motivates me to care more for them.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Family is eternal and the basic unit of society here and after this life. Therefore one of the main priorities for most Mormons is family and marriage and being the best spouse/parent/family member we can be. We spend a lot of time with family members and believe those relationships are the most important we have. We also believe there are certain things that are "right" and "wrong." Anything that brings us closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ is "right," anything that takes us away from Them is not. Overall, we try to avoid negative influences and things that take away from our ability to progress and serve others. We try to be financially self-reliant and avoid debt whenever possible, we prepare for emergencies by storing food and other provisions, and we follow dietary guidelines that prescribe some foods lots of fruits and vegetables and grains and prohibit others alcohol, tea, coffee, and tobacco, to name a few. We attend church for three hours each Sunday, but often have other meetings and responsibilities during the week to help the church and its members move forward. We also try to monitor the media with which we participate to make sure that it is helping us instead of moving us away from God. Show more Show less