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Hi I'm Craig

I am a dad to triplet boys and a 1 year old boy, a pharmaceutical sales representative, have ADHD, a cook, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to the most beautiful and talented woman I have ever met and we have 4 sons 4 and under. Three of them are 4 yr old triplets. They are my 1st full-time job. I also work full-time as a pharmaceutical sales representative. My first job, dad, is by far my most fulfilling one and provides me the most happiness. There is nothing quite like coming home from work and having my boys greet me at the door, excited to see me, and tell me about their day. Their enthusiasm for life is contagious. Even when they do not listen and get a time out or lose a privilege, sitting down with them and teaching them what they did that was wrong and telling them again how much I love them is so humbling. They want so badly to be good boys and they are eager to do so. I know there is much for me to learn from their eagerness. About two years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. I am mainly struggle with impulsivity and inattention. They definitely impact my parenting. Getting my ADHD treated has helped me to better understand the Hand of God in my life. Prior to my diagnosis, I was unemployed and interviewed with two great pharmaceutical companies. One sold a prostrate cancer medication and the other ADHD medications. I really wanted to work for the cancer company. That is where the money is. The Lord knew I had ADHD. He knew how it impacted me. He steered me towards the ADHD company and I am forever grateful. Now I can look back at different times in my life and see how He has steered me.

Why I am a Mormon

This is an easy one for me to answer. This is who I am. Being a Mormon provides me more direction in my life and more hope than any other source in my life. I feel peace when I pray and I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and His Son, Jesus, Christ loves me, too. They know us individually. They want each one of us to make the correct choices to pass through this Earthly test to return to live with Them forever. As a Mormon, I know the answers to questions that many of my friends ask, such as, What is the purpose of Life? Where did I come from? Where do I go after I die? The scriptures plainly answer these questions. Being a Mormon also gives me additional scripture that I can use to better understand the answers to these questions. The Old and New Testament teach us a little about these important questions. But, through the centuries of translations, many truths have been removed. The Book of Mormon works hand in hand with the Bible, testifying about Jesus Christ. They work together to answer those questions. Having the Book of Mormon provides an additional witness of Christ's teachings. Another people on the other side of the Earth were taught by prophets and by Christ himself the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can compare the Book of Mormon to the Bible and get great clarity. Do all I need for salvation is to be born again? To accept Him as my Savior? How do my works and actions play into my Salvation? What about baptism? Do I need to be baptized? By whom? By what authority? Can anyone baptize me? How should I be baptized? Forgiveness of my sins, how do I receive this? Is it necessary if I have accepted Christ? Do I have to confess and then say certain prayers? The answers are clear when we have the Book of Mormon and the Bible. They work perfectly together. Lets start at the beginning. Heavenly Father doesn't want you to rely just on my testimony to believe in the Book of Mormon. Read in the last chapter Moroni 10:3-5, Moroni promises us how to know if it is true

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon is not just a religion, it is a lifestyle or a way of life. The Church asks a lot of its members. We are encouraged to serve one another. No one is paid. The Lord literally calls through divine inspiration whom He wants to serve or who is best able to serve in different capacities. These divine callings are not any sort of one ups man-ship. There is no jockeying for a better calling. We are all just normal people that when we are called to serve, we agree and go forth and serve. I have several areas in which I serve and I love them all. My weekly official assignment is the membership clerk. I help gather all the records of the members of the church and make sure that they are all correct and up to date. I help the Bishop get to know new families that move in or are baptized. I love this calling because it has helped me to meet all the members and to get to know them and their families. I also like it because if gives me an understanding of the monumental responsibility it is to lead as a Bishop. I have great respect for my Bishop who works full-time for a software company and then he serves 20+ hours a week, too, as Bishop. He is not paid for this. Another area in which I serve is as a home-teacher. Proof to me that the church is divinely led is that the church through the Priesthood and Relief Society organizations have set up individual companionships to visit specific families in the ward or congregation to help them with a Spiritual lesson once a month to serving them in times of need. Last night I asked my Home-teacher to come over and give me a blessing because I was sick. With his Priesthood authority, he blessed me to be healed and I am on the mend now. The Bishop can not possibly know the needs of all the members so he relies on the home-teachers to direct member needs to him in order to be met. Finally, my most important service in the church is Father to my children. I have the Priesthood, too and to teach my family the Gospel.