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Hi I'm Kelsey Claire

And I am a newly baptized Mormon.

About Me

I adore all things creative, particularly photography, writing, and philosophy. Also, cultures and languages hold a special place in my heart, and I relish my books like a teenager relishes his/her iPod filled with personal music. Soon I shall embark on the epic journey known as college, but I know that it will be exciting however slightly intimidating it may be as this point in time. There, I plan on majoring in economics with either a minor in photography or Japanese - both subjects that I am sincerely passionate about. Simply put, I plan on impacting the world through small means: love, understanding, and curiosity.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe in the Truth. I believe in the Church's doctrine. Throughout my life, I was constantly looking for something - something to fill me up, something to satisfy me, something that gave me that something more that I continuously desired. I went from painting to writing to depression to other people, but I never quite found what I wanted, what I so desperately needed. I investigated numerous other religions, and, having grown up in a family that was a rather inactive portion of the Catholic Church, I found some freedom in dabbling in these newfound religious interests. Yet they never quite lasted. I would feel so good about a certain religious institution, and then I would become restless, like this puzzle piece didn't quite fit and I was forcing a circle through a rectangle's hole. So I continued my search for Truth and what exactly it meant. Then, when I was in my late teens, I encountered what is now one of my good friends. She introduced me to Seminary, to the Gospel, teaching me about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when I asked various questions. I regularly attended Seminary to satiate my questions; what is this church all about? What makes the people of it so different from anyone I've ever encountered? How can I receive their happiness? Most importantly: who is Jesus Christ? I kept searching the Church to find the answers, and I picked up a strong, new ally along the way. With these two good friends of mine by my side, they helped me to delve deeper into the Gospel than I had ever before considered. When I felt comfortable on my own, I researched independently. I loved everything that I found - all of the principles that the Church taught were revealed as true with a warm, comforting feeling that made itself known every time I reviewed them. Then, one day, my good friend challenged me to meet the missionaries. I was shocked, thinking, "Why didn't I ever consider that?" I had already read the whole Book of Mormon before I even met the missionaries, and from then on out, I gobbled up their lessons enthusiastically. I wanted more, more, more: more answers to my questions. They had slightly changed by now, transforming into: what IS this awesome feeling? How can I get more of it? Is Jesus Christ really this awesome and cool? Most importantly, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints the Truth? After extensively praying about it with a full heart and an open mind, I received my answer. I was on my way to school, and it was rather early. Translation: I was blearily tired, and my brain was only functioning at a 75% interval at that time of day. I still got to school on time, having parked across from the LDS church, and I sighed and decided to look over at the beautiful building. That's when it hit me: an overpowering sense of comfort and peace and joy. It felt as if all of the good, positive adjectives in the world has formed into one, solid feeling and nestled itself inside of my soul. I sat there stunned for quite a few minutes, perhaps five, and waited for the feeling to pass. "What is this? Is this what I think it is?" I slowly came to realization that yes, this was it. This was the time of reckoning. I knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the Truth. I have found what I was searching for all of those years. I have found Jesus Christ and His love. I am content.

How I live my faith

I faithfully go to church every Sunday, and while it may seem like three hours is a long time, the time flies by for me. I honestly love it. As I am a new member of the church just baptized on April 10, my responsibilities are building up my faith and participating in whatever activity the leaders call of me, such as giving prayers or talks in various activities. When I was yet graduated, I went to the LDS church across from my school in order to harness a better understanding of the gospel and to truly understand who Jesus Christ is. I volunteer wherever I am needed!

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Kelsey Claire
Mormon women come from all backgrounds and all shapes and sizes; there is no defnite "Mormon Housewife," however much the unfortunate stereotype still exists. There is, however, one definite string that attaches all of the women together: love for the Savior and for their families. Mormen women are passionate about strengthening their families to be the very best that they can be and encouraging their children to be strong, independent citizens. Yet, a Mormon women can choose to balance a family and a career, one of the most beautiful things about the Church. Never has the Church confined women to the home; in fact, they are encouraged to go out and receive an college education. It does not attempt to suppress women, and it merely teaches women to embrace their femininity - not be subservient wives. I believe that this is one of the most beneficial doctrines of the Church; the ability to both embrace one's femininity and yet strive to better oneself independently is getting the best of both worlds simultaneously! Mormons positively, absolutely, no doubt believe in equality! No Church doctrine endorses suppressing one sex or the other at all. The way in which Heavenly Father views equality amongst His children is the way the Church views equality amongst all peoples of the earth. Show more Show less