Stephen James: Mormon.

Hi I'm Stephen James

About Me

I'm 21 and now starting the rest of my life! I lived in SoCal for the last two years. I have two brothers and my dad is getting married soon. My mom passed away from cancer when I was a teenager. I like reading books and meeting new friends. In my family, I'm the only deaf person. Life has many plans to bring for me!

Why I am a Mormon

When my mother died, I woke up. She doesn't kiss me good night and wake me up in the morning anymore. Because of that, my dad, my two brothers, and I became closer. When God restored His gospel through a prophet, the power to seal families together forever in temples are on earth again. I know that my promise to God when I am baptized and take the sacrament, is helping me be ready to go back Home and be with my mother again. If there can be a video, I can tell this in ASL so the deaf people can know, too! We all need to know how Jesus Christ is our Savior and how His power can be in our lives.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

I am deaf and my talents bless other people differently. I grew up speaking with my voice and struggling to learn how to speak right. I'm pretty close, but when I served a mission in SoCal, my world opened up with ASL. Using my hands was something I never fully used to express myself. God gave me a new way to help people in American Sign Language. Also, I understand the gospel more when I see it in this language. The plan God created for my life included both speaking and signing. That helps me to make all kinds of friends and to help them have faith. Then, I end up having more faith too.

How I live my faith

In SoCal, I taught the gospel as a missionary. That's where I learned ASL and how Jesus Christ loves all people: deaf, hearing, white, hispanic, black, asian. Because of the mission, I learned to make time every morning to study the Bible and the Book of Mormon, think about my life goals, and to pray. God gives me guidance and I'm happy with the path I'm on.