What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Susan

About Me

I am have been married for 20+ years and am a mother of four daughters. I love to read mysteries and work on genealogy. I work with my husband at his medical clinic. I love going on vacation and spending time camping and hiking in the mountains, although I feel most at home along the shores of the ocean. 

Why I am a Mormon

The quick answer would be because I was brought up in the church and am descended from a long-line of Mormon pioneer ancestors. However, that doesn't really address why I choose to be a member now. I am an active member of the LDS church because I converted to the gospel when I was in my late 20s. Despite being raised in the church, I never truly had a testimony. For me, church attendance was required by my parents and it was a fun, social place to be. When my parents could no longer dictate my behavior and I found other places to socialize, I walked away from the church. In the process, I made some bad decisions that kept me away from the church for years. I married, and in time, my also inactive LDS husband and I realized we were missing something. We decided to try to return to church. It was awkward; it felt very uncomfortable. As time passed , those feelings of awkwardness and discomfort turned to real sorrow as I realized the truthfulness that I had walked away from. Returning to the church was much more difficult than it had been to leave. Coming back was a real challenge. I had to repent for the bad choices I had made. In that process I learned about the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ and I experienced for myself the love He has for me. Most importantly because of the changes I made in my life, I now feel daily the love of Jesus Christ and have the comforting, guiding light of the Holy Ghost with me continually.

How I live my faith

For the last five years, I had been teaching teenagers about Jesus Christ and his gospel before they go to school each morning. I loved the challenge it was to not only keep them awake but involved in the learning process. I also was the Wolf Den Leader in our Cub Scout pack. I am now serving as the president of the woman's auxiliary, the Relief Society. I sometimes wonder whose attention it is harder to keep, the 8-year-olds, the teenagers or the women. 

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon has many authors, who were the prophets of the Lord to the Nephite and Jaredite people over the thousands of years they lived on the American continent. These records were then compiled over 1500 years ago by one of the last prophets for the Nephite people, Mormon. He recorded the book on a set of gold plates which were buried in a hill called Cumorah by Mormon's son, Moroni, the last prophet of the Nephites. Joseph Smith retrieved the plates after being directed to the place by the resurrected Moroni. Joseph then translated the plates from their modified Egyptian heiroglyphs to English by the power of Jesus Christ and published this translated record as the Book of Mormon in March 1830. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Faith is the ability to know something is true without ever touching, seeing or experiencing it personally. For example, I know the surface of the sun is very, very hot. I have never touched it, but faith in the science which measures its temperature is sufficient for me to know it is hot. I can spiritually know things the same way. I have never seen Jesus Christ, but I have read the accounts in the Bible and Book of Mormon of those who have. I have felt His touch in the spirit that comforts me when I am afraid or sad. I have felt His guidance and direction in difficult times and when making important decisions. These experiences add up to a knowledge, a conviction in the reality of Jesus Christ and his love for me. That is faith--the knowledge and conviction I feel. Show more Show less