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Hi I'm Loren

I'm what they call a "typical" Mormon: I go to BYU, love my family, and want everyone to be a Mormon. Proud to say "I'm a Mormon"

About Me

I am a young adult, and I know the Church is true with my whole heart. I have gone through many things in my life, and feel, as a young adult, I am understanding more about myself and my religion than I ever have in my life, this time of my life is a special time of growth. I feel like this time in my life has been crucial to gaining a stronger testimony of the Restored Gospel, which I will use as a base for the rest of my life. I think too often people don't take the time to understand each other's beliefs, and well, if you're a visitor on this sight, take some time... you'll be amazed at the wonderful and remarkable people you can find. I run track and cross country, work, and take classes...as well as volunteer, and do that other thing called living (eating, cleaning, etc...daily stuff). I am the definition of busy. But, one thing I have learned to never squander is my time with the Lord. Any day that I miss reading my scriptures and praying I feel it. But each day I read and pray I too, feel the power that I gain! What a remarkable blessing it is to pray! As often and as long as I want!

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon. I was born in the covenant (my parents are both Mormon), so non-mormons often think I am Mormon "just because my parents are" or "because I don't know anything else." But why am I really Mormon? Because I have gone through the conversion process..yes the process. Conversion is not a moment in time, although there are times I can pick out in my life that are significant, they all combine together to equal my conversion. I have struggled, found happiness, studied, pondered, and researched through this Church. I have been converted through seeing the great miracles performed. These miracles include finding my glasses when I have lost them and my dad not having enough money to buy new ones, or watching the example of my mother-who went to see a young woman in our ward just becasue she was prompted too, and making her whole day because she thought my mom was the only one who remembered her birthday.... I've gotten to observe and participate in numerous miracles like these, and have come to understand the gospel for myself, and my testimony of it has grown. I am Mormon because I want to be. Not because my parents, or anyone else tells me to be. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. His love surrounds and embraces me each day, and as I strive to be my best self, my testimony of Him grows, and the love, compassion and appreciation I have for His Atoning Sacrifice deepens. I am Mormon because I want the happiness that I have to spread...as well as last. I know it is through "simple and small things that great things come to pass" and that is how one's testimony of anything in this life grows. I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

The easiest way I have found to live my faith is to do what's right. Whether you're a mormon or not, you know what's right. I feel I live my faith best when I do the small, and simple things, like, reading my scriptures every day, saying my prayers, acting on small promptings to do something nice (even if it's just opening the door for someone), etc... Those are the things that are really important, and oft times when I am doing all those little things, they add up to big things, including the innumerable blessings I receive daily.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Growing up divorce wasn't spoken of in my home, it was almost as if it were a swear word. I almost wish it were. Husband and wife can, and will, be together FOREVER, if they live in harmony with God's plan, striving to keep His commandments and enduring to the end. I can hardly fathom marrying someone I love with my whole being, only to be seperated from them just because I have died (civil marriages state "until death do us part"). The knowledge of life after death, and being with the one I love motivates me to be my best self. I can fulfill my happiness here on this earth with someone I love, but how much greater is the blessing and promise of getting to be with them forever? It is remarkable. I think of all the wonderful things here on earth that I can experience with a spouse (birth of a child, going on a mission together, etc...) and think how much more I can experience with them in the Celestial Kingdom after death. I know families will live together in heaven. The whole purpose in this life is to the live the "Plan of Happiness" and I know without a doubt that happy plan would not be complete without families, my family. I am blessed to have this confirmed to me through the Holy Ghost, and if you ever have doubts, pray, and you will know for yourself too. Families are forever. Show more Show less