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Hi I'm David

About Me

I graduated from a university with an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and a masters degree in Public Administration. I am married and a father of four boys. I love to downhill ski, play basketball and play with my family. As a kid I collected stamps, quit piano lessons, which I will forever regret, and while in college I once flew in a two seat ultralight, and was lead vocalist in a song my brother wrote which we recorded in a recording studio. My profession of 23 years I have been a city planner which to this day I have still a great passion for.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born into a family where some of them had converted and become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just four years before I was born, I still had to gain my own understanding and testimony. The Church teaches us the same gospel that Christ taught, the same gospel that all of the prophets in the Bible taught. We lived in a pre-mortal live before coming to Earth. We were there with Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ. We are spirit children of Heavenly Father which is why we call Him Father. We came to this Earth into mortality to gain a body of flesh and blood and learn from our experiences here on Earth. When we leave this Earth from the grave we will return to our Heavenly home. However, being with Heavenly Father in our next life is not automatic, for it is by how we live here on Earth whereby we will be judged and assigned a Heavenly existence, we will all live again after death, receive a resurrected body of flesh and bones, just as Jesus Christ did. Jesus Christ is our perfect example and if we can strive to live as he lived to the best of our abilities, repent of those things we do that are wrong, serve our fellow mankind as Jesus has taught, we will live with our Heavenly Father again. I am a Mormon in faith and in life. I strive to live my religion. Heavenly Father hears me when I pray to Him. He answers my prayers, not always the way I want or in the timeframe I want, but he answers every sincere prayer that I have offered to Him. He lives! He has called a prophet in our day to lead us, just like Moses. He wants us to follow His commandments. He wants us to be worthy of His Kingdom in Heaven. He wants us to return to Him.

How I live my faith

Much of who I am comes from my faith in a Heavenly Father that knows me, knows my name, understands me and wants me to be very happy. He is there for me at every turn I make. Knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, His children, as well as a purpose in life inspires me to do my best and help others to be there best. Being a Mormon is more than just believing. It is living your religion. It inspires me to be my best self. The Mormon Church has no paid ministry. We all serve each other in various capacities. My current position in Church is to help with administrative responsibilities such as church membership records and church finances. Those Church leaders that I serve with are better able to help the members with their spiritual needs since they count on me to manage the administrative duties.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I absolutely do. It totally makes sense to me. Why would a loving Heavenly Father not want His children, you and me, to know his will. We know that he spoke with Moses and other prophets in the Bible, so why not now in our day? Things are happening so fast all around us today. We need to know how we can prepare ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically now for our time. The prophet on the Earth today will tell us Heavenly Father's will for us at the time that we as His children need to know. We will not be lead astray by following the prophet of the God. Moses didn't lead the children of Israel astray. Their journey just took a long time because of the people's disobedience to Heavenly Fathers commandments. Show more Show less

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

Great question! I served a mission from 1980 to 1982. My mission was paid for by my parents. The Church does not pay for members of the Church to go on a mission, the cost is born by the missionary, their family or friends.  Show more Show less