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Hi I'm Marcia

About Me

I am a proud military wife and mother to three children. In my spare time I like to read, paint, sew, go on walks, and travel. Before I had my children, I worked for kids and adults with developmental disabilities. I now am a stay at home mom and often single mom while my husband is away on military assignments. I volunteer at the elementary school and teach Primary classes in our church.

Why I am a Mormon

I have attended this church ever since I was a small child. I did not have a testimony when I was younger, but I always felt peaceful and at home in the church. I was a very shy kid, but I felt welcome and outgoing in the church. After I left home to attend college, I saw what it was like to live without the gospel. I noticed that my friends who rebelled against moral lifestyles seemed very sad and hardened, and those who kept living by faith seemed peaceful and happy. As I prayed and read the scriptures, that same peace and light that I had felt as a child became stronger and more obvious to me. I changed schools to BYU and was able to hear prophets and apostles speak to us in weekly devotionals. The Spirit was so strong when I heard them speak. Their words ringed true in my mind and heart. The more I lived the gospel of Jesus Christ, the stronger I felt the Holy Ghost. As the years have gone by, my relationship with Jesus Christ, through prayer and gospel study, has become more real to me. I have had many pains in my life, and many struggles. I feel that Jesus Christ has continued to guide me, help me, and change me into a better person.

How I live my faith

I have been a teacher of many ages of people in my church over the years - little kids, teenage-girls, and adults. Currently, I teach the 6 and 7 year old kids the gospel on Sundays. I love teaching! The teacher always learns more than the students! In our church, we try to avoid long lectures where everyone has to quietly listen. Our Sunday School lessons are best when we search the scriptures together and discuss them. Even the little kids are taught to participate in their lessons.

What do Mormons believe about family?

Our families can be together for eternity. That means that if a man and woman marry each other in the temple, and if they remain faithful to each other and to God, death will not disolve their marriage. Also, their children will still belong to them after death. This means a lot to me as my husband serves in the military. I know he will still be mine and my children will still have their father, even if he passes away. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

In general, the husband presides over the family. He provides financially for his wife and children, but he is also expected to be a spiritual leader of the home. For example, he should help the family read scriptures together, pray together, hold family meetings, and on Monday nights, hold a special family devotional. All of his duties should be done with the spirit of love, patience, and leading by example. Men are encouraged to show respect, kindness, tenderness, and love. The wife in encouraged to stay home with her children so that she can best nurture and teach them. She and her husband are a team. They are encouraged to work together in love and friendship. Neither should try to control the other. If circumstances are that the woman has to work outside the home to bring in money, that is fine as long as she is earning money for necessities and not for luxuries. It is better for a family to live modestly and frugally with a mother at home, than for a family to have a nicer, larger home with no mom there. Both parents are encouraged to teach their children by example the gospel of Jesus Christ. Next to the gospel, our families are our greatest treasure and should be given highest priority. Show more Show less