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Hi I'm Alexander Edward

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently in college for Web Development and IT. I am married, and have a beautiful wife. I like to ride my bike and swim, or at least exercise in water. I like spending time with friends be it playing a game, watching a show, or just hanging out. I am one of four living kids in my family, and I am the oldest. I happy to have served a mission for my Heavenly Father.

Why I am a Mormon

Life is full of change, Heavenly Father (God) is constant and has provided us with a full gospel that gives us a foothold in mortality. He blesses us with the authority of his power in the priesthood, so it may be used to bless others. He has given us this life and bodies to prove and show what it is we want for eternity. Some would have us believe that God has abandoned us, derelict on earth. I know that God lives, and wants to have a personal relationship with me. To put it nicely I have had a complicated life, and the background I come from leaves many wondering how I am so different from the circumstances I grew up in. Allot if it is choice. The gospel, the Book of Mormon, Heavenly Father, and leaders in the Church provided me with the tools and support to become and be the best me I could be. The truth of it is evident in the power it has to improve and enrich life. The Book of Mormon I know is a true testament from when Jesus was on the earth. I know it was written by prophets called of God, and translated for us for this time by prophets. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ, it brings more validity to the Bible as they are two books from nearly the same time on earth. It really helps learn ways of copping with life’s trials, even modern ones. We are blessed to still have 12 apostles of Jesus Christ on earth still today. Prophets called of God, to help us navigate the torrent of life’s changing waters. I know they are true, and will always lead us in the way we should go. Overall though, the truth of it isn’t just in my telling it is true, or that others might say it is. Deep in my heart, in my soul, I have always known the truth and reality of God, and his true and living gospel. It’s a part of me, and I have been so blessed to have it in my life. And helping others learn of it, and experience that feeling is better than any feeling the world can offer. I know it is all true, and I hope you may discover that too.

How I live my faith

I always do the best I can to fill my callings as fully as I can. I like being involved with service projects when I can find them, but even without a specific ‘events’ I love to be of service to others. It is always fun to help plan things, and activities when I am invited to. I also like teaching when I can, it’s a learning experience for everyone.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Alexander Edward
When we die we go to a paradise compared to this world. There we can learn, teach, and continue the work of God. Those who have passed from this life without learning of God will learn of the gospel there, and be given opportunities to accomplish things they missed in life. Things of eternal worth. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Alexander Edward
We worship God, and study the atonement of Jesus Christ who is our savior and mediator between ourselves and God. Though Joseph Smith is a venerated prophet of our era, he is not worshiped. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Alexander Edward
In short, no, not really. Yes, the church as a whole puts out massive charity, espcially in emergencies. But one-to-one, they will rob you of wealth you create if you work for them, pay you little, then tell you to go on welfare to make up what they rob you of. The will tell you "they aren't a moving company" if you ask for help moving, even though it may be the only service they are likley to do for the month. And that is how they treat other members. Many members draw the line at, "well I paid my tithing." Thomas S. Monson's "Brother's Keeper," a talk, tells of service that just doesn't happen anymore. The local LDS food drop off has people called, who murmer against the poor while working. Please though, don't take this as a complaint, so much as a reality check. The ideal face we would like to promte is that yes, we serve others, and overall we kind of do. Locally though we generally only help the truely desperate, and outside the region of Arizona, Utah, & Idaho, very little is done without assigment. It doesn't help that the private sector keeps people so bogged down by low-pay work that few even have time for their families, much less to help others. I don't think it right to present an biased rosy lie just to promte the gospel. The gospel is true regarless of the downfalls of the membership. Hopefully if you are investingating you can see that. I am active myself, I even make the bulletins for Sacrament meeting. However, It is what it is. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Alexander Edward
For me it was because you never know who might really need a message of hope, and just doesn't have the curage to call. Show more Show less

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Alexander Edward
There are many keys to using the power of God, also known as preisthood. When one is called to serve they are set appart to use the power of God in those callings. Women use the power of God all the time, they just don't have the authority to conduct and perform ordinaces, and that is the order God has set and chosen, and Gods house is a house of order. It has been expressed in confrence even, that the preisthood is incomplete without being sealed to a worthy and rightous wife. I hope that women have more confidence in their ability to use the power of God in their callings, don't feel left out. Show more Show less