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Hi I'm Vince Hull

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 57 years old, live in Southern California with my Wife of 38 years. We have 4 kids, all married. Currently we have 12 grandkids. I'm a 4th generation Southern Californian. But enough about that... Now more about ME! hahaha. My wife claims my middle name should be changed to Fun. I can never tell if she's giving me a compliment or is mad about it. While I find a good deal to be serious about and take the time to help this world be a better place, I do think it's important to have some fun along the way. Things that I think are fun are horseback riding in the back country. We have a couple of horses and they're used every few days. We live in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and there are great trails all around us. I'm a member of a Volunteer Mounted Unit that takes me to areas around Southern California several times a year for more of the same. I also enjoy both street and dirt motorcycling. Mainly with my sons and grandkids. We do that quite a bit. For fun exercise I took up road cycling last year and have come to enjoy that too. My boys and I like to hunt and back pack. This is something we try to do yearly. Last year I was able to take a Russian Boar. These are great trips with family. Even my oldest grandson made our last trip. In the hot summer months our family loves to wake board and tube. Usually this culminates with a trip to Lake Powell. I love to sing and play the guitar but people always leave the room when I start playing.

Why I am a Mormon

This can be a long story but I'll do my best to shorten it. At first, I wanted no part of Mormonism. I felt the people were too clannish and I really didn't know what to think about their beliefs other than they were different than mine. After marrying and Mormon girl and starting a family, somewhere in my mid-twenties, my Mom suggested that I consider joining the Mormon Church to strengthen my family. That sounded good to me so I did. It then took me nearly 8 years to understand the ramifications of what I had done. I felt like the odd man out those years. Finally I had my personal moment on a mountain top, quite literally. After feeling like a fence sitter for a long period, on a long back pack trip to the High Sierras I committed to give the "Church thing" one last try. When I returned, I dug in. I forgot about my own personal issues and worked at understanding the Gospel and Serving others. It was as if a light was switched on. Since then my life has been added upon from the expierences I've had with the Church. I've enjoyed every calling I've had. Some more than others but each has been a growing expierences. The same holds true now. Today I’m well into my fourth year as a bishop. I know the sun is low in the sky for this calling, but I have loved every minute of it. Can't wait to see what's next.

How I live my faith

First, I try to live in many of the ways my father has. While he is a crusty old soul his core is golden. He has been honest, a faithful husband, a rock steady father, and one you could set your watch to in terms of being when and where he's supposed to be. I want to be a person to be counted on, just like he has. I want to be someone who stood firm against the ill winds of change. I have made it a habit to readily accept any assignment I have been asked to do in the Church. Not for any heroic reasons but because I'm the ultimate benefactor of doing so. It has literally blessed my life and the lives of my family to simply do just that. I laugh to myself when I hear people say we Mormons are not Christians. I guess by some's definition this might be so. However, I study Christ's teachings almost every day. I look to Jesus Christ as the greatest example one could follow. I have traveled to walk in places that he once served his ministry. I have felt the peace that comes to ones heart by knowing who he is and what he means in my life. He is the great hope for all of us who fall short.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Vince Hull
This was and is an important question to me. It has been so since my early teenage years. Why are we here? Where are we going? Not to mention how did I get here?. I have come to believe the purpose of this life is learning something of challenge. We all seem to get exposed to it. Some more than others but to some degree we all must face it. Therefore it must be part of the Lord's design. We choose in no small part, between good and evil. I'm convinced that those that choose well are ultimately rewarded. Most of these challenges have to do with the physical part of our daily living. It is both our weakness and our area for greatest challenge. This has to be a preparation for where we go after this life is through. For what other purpose could these challenges be? To believe that there is no purpose, that it's only happenstance is living without feeling and reason. For every other aspect of life is of magnificent design. From the pedals on roses to the arteries than replenish oxygen to our bodies. The intricacies are of genius design. So to me it is a natural process of order and reason to come to this conclusion. Nothing is just because. Everything is for purpose. To every season there is reason. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Vince Hull
Faith is the hope for good things that cannot be proven. It is not unlike a muscle in that the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. Ultimately it becomes almost a shield against the days of sorrow or defeat. Show more Show less